Careers in English


The career possibilities open to Villanova English majors are endless.  They become successful lawyers, editors, novelists, investment bankers, professors, magazine writers, teachers, and executives in advertising and public relations, among many other lucrative, rewarding and prestigious fields. Probably no other major leads to so many different job possibilities.

Villanova English majors bring valued skills to their careers—they develop ideas in an organized and persuasive way, read insightfully, and write clearly. These are the competencies employers and professional schools most desire. Employers can train people in the particular things needed for a particular job; they don’t want to try to teach people the things that Villanova English majors already know.

We also help our students obtain internships and other experiences outside the classroom so they are ready to walk into the world of work.

See the Careers for English Majors brochure, which includes profiles of eight recent graduates.  

Career Services has a particular career counselor who specializes in helping Arts students, Sheila Doherty.

Linked In


The Villanova English Department has created a LinkedIn group exclusively for current English students and English alumni.  The group provides majors an ideal opportunity to see the vast range of careers that alumni of the Department have pursued, and it provides a quick and convenient means of networking with others who share a love of reading and writing.  More than 400 alumni are already members of the group and are ready to share their professional knowledge and experience.   

Graduate School

Each year, a number of our most accomplished English majors are admitted to competitive M.A. and Ph.D. programs in English.  If you are thinking about going on to graduate school in literature, you should speak to one of our advisors early. They can help you plan a suitable program of courses to prepare you for graduate study. Later, they can also help you in deciding where, when, and how to apply.  Our advisor for graduate school applications is Prof. Megan Quigley.

Law and Business

For more on opportunities for English majors, see also our sections on Careers in Law and Careers in Business.