Human Services**

The Human Services program is designed for students who desire an undergraduate degree in liberal arts while pursuing a course of study which includes an experiential component as well as training for a specific career. Specialization within the program will allow the student to concentrate on specific areas related to government and human service agencies. The requirements for a major in Human Services include the courses listed below in addition to Psychology 1000, 2200, 2500, 2600, and one PSY elective; Sociology 1000, 2200, 3600, 2300, and one SOC elective, which lead to a minor in Psychology and Sociology, respectively. The required Human Services courses include:

  • HS 2000 - Intro:Prin & Survey Prac
  • HS 2100 - Assessment and Referral
  • HS 2200 - Research in Human Services
  • HS 3000 - Lab Communication Skills
  • HS 3100 - Lab in Group Process
  • HS 3400 - Working w Diverse Populations
  • HS 4000 - Seminar Human Services
  • HS 4100 - Pract Human Services

**  The Human Services major and minor will be discontinued after May 2015; only students eligible for graduation before or by May 2015 may apply to major or minor in the concentration.  Questions concerning eligibility should be directed to Dr. Krista Malott, the program coordinator, or Dr. Edward Fierros, the department chair.

What does a Human Services worker do?

If you like to help people in a variety of ways in various settings, and want a broad base upon which to build your career, the Human Service profession may be the perfect fit.

You will join others in working with both individuals and community service organizations to provide a broad level of service to meet client needs. Areas of service include counseling, consultation with other workers and social agencies, administration, case management, advocating for clients, etc.

You may find a career in the social work field, as a drug and alcohol counselor, psychology aide, mental health aide, intake interviewer, juvenile court liaison, parole officer or gerontology aide. You will have a great base to expand your career through graduate school in Psychology, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, School Counseling, Social Work, Criminal justice, Human Development & Family Studies, and Public Health.

Our curriculum will provide you with the necessary skills to equip you for service in this exciting and growing field. So, if you are looking for a rewarding and expandable career, then check out our human services curriculum and step into a world where you can make a difference in the lives of others.

Human Services Minor Details

A minor in Human Services requires a total of 15 credits. Distribution requirements are: HS 2000, HS 2100, HS 3000, HS 3100. An additional three credits must be earned from one of the following: HS 3400, HS 3600, or HS 3700.

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Additional Information

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