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Combined B.A./M.A.

The Bachelor of Arts / Master of Arts (BA/MA) program in Education is designed for Education majors wishing to extend their learning in Education by beginning their graduate coursework in their senior year and, thereby, earning a Master’s degree following their fifth year of instruction.

All students admitted into the program will be awarded a BA degree at the end of their senior year (assuming they have completed all requirements for the BA degree) along with teacher certification. Consequently, they may graduate in the same four years as all other undergraduates and will be permitted to walk with their graduating class.  At the end of their fifth year, assuming all requirements for the MA degree have been fulfilled, the students are awarded the MA degree.

Qualified Education majors, interested in obtaining an MA in conjunction with their BA degree, may begin the application process in their second semester of Junior Year (normally January).
To be eligible, these students must have:
* Cumulative GPA of at least 3.0;
* GPA in the major of at least 3.0 (including at least 15 EDU credits above the intermediate level (> 3000 level) by the end of the Junior year)

Interested students who meet the above requirements must submit the following no later than March 15th:
*  A personal statement of no more than two pages explaining your career objectives and reasons for seeking admission to the combined degree program;
* One academic letter of recommendation;
* The GRE exam is not required 
* Complete application form below and submit your completed application packet to the Graduate Program Coordinator ( by March 15th
Graduate Studies will notify students as to their application standing.

Application for the BA/MA Program

Students in the BA/MA program should contact Abigail Rutledge for advisement.

Students who are accepted into the program will take 3 Education (EDU) graduate courses during the fall semester of their senior year. These three graduate courses will be applied to both the BA and MA degrees. Students will take their remaining seven graduate courses in the summer after their senior year and in the fall and spring terms of their fifth year. All Core Curriculum requirements are maintained.

The total number of Education credits normally required for the BA degree is 30 credits, and the total number of Education credits required for the MA degree is 30 credits. In the combined BA/MA program, however, up to three graduate courses may count for undergraduate coursework fulfillment as well. A total of 30 credits must be earned in graduate courses to fulfill the standard requirements for the MA degree. Courses taken in other departments do not qualify for this degree.

A student must earn a grade of “B” or better in each of the graduate courses taken in the senior year in order to be allowed to remain in the BA/MA program. Once a student has earned his/her bachelor’s degree at the end of the fourth year, the standard cumulative GPA of 3.0 must be retained for continuation in the Master’s program.

The tuition for the three double-counted graduate courses is covered by the student’s standard undergraduate tuition.  The final two graduate courses (6 credits) are covered by tuition remission through the Graduate Studies Office.