Undergraduate Programs

The mission of the Department of Education and Counseling is twofold:

  1. to prepare students with a core Liberal Arts education, and
  2. to provide students with professional competencies to qualify for and excel in the practice of Education.

In addition to demonstrating competence within their chosen academic discipline, as well as fulfilling the College of Arts and Sciences’ core curriculum requirements, students participate in a wide variety of classroom field experiences. Such experiences are carefully selected and supervised and always appropriate to both the academic and professional competence of the students.

Please see more information about what we offer in the Program Offerings in the right hand column of this page.  There is also information about the various subjects in which we certify teachers at an undergraduate level which can be obtained by clicking on the link, Secondary Education. Please also see our program in Part-Time Studies for information about how college graduates may obtain teacher certification in their areas of study. Additionally, you can chose the five-year combined B.A./M.A program.



Department of Education and Counseling

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Phone: 610.519.4620


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