Schmidt at AME 2012


Dr. Christopher Schmidt recently presented: Intellectual and emotional development: Translating reflections during developmental transitions at the International Conference for Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Dialogue.  The conference: Cultivating Morality: Human Beings, Nature and the World was located in Nanjing, China and sponsored by The Association for Moral Education & The Asia-Pacific Network for Moral Education.

Abstract: Careful and continuous guided reflection has been deemed a critical component of developmental interventions alongside continuity, significant role-taking experiences, and a balance of support and challenge. While the importance of reflection within educational realms has been noted (Schön, 1983, 1987), it remains a somewhat ambiguous concept—its exact definition being in flux (Jay & Johnson, 2002).  Utilizing the qualitative findings from an educational intervention that significantly increased participant levels of moral development, this presentation will report the intricacies located within the context of specific reflective activities to help elucidate a greater understanding for the critical aspects of reflective components in subsequent interventions.  Specifically, this research evaluates participant recognition of intuitive influences on the ethical decision making process.

The annual conferences of the AME present its members with special opportunities to discuss their work in the areas of moral development and moral education with colleagues from around the world. They are sponsored by major universities and held throughout North America and internationally.

Dr. Schmidt's additional research activities can be found through his recent publications:

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  • Schmidt, C. D. & Davidson, K.  Applying What Works: A Case for Deliberate Psychological Education in Undergraduate Business Ethics. Journal of Education for Business. In Press.
  • Malott, K. M. & Schmidt, C. D.  Counseling Families Formed by Transracial Adoption: Bridging the Gap in the Multicultural Counseling Competencies.  The Family Journal.  In Press.
  • Schmidt, C. D. & Adkins, C. P. (2012). Understanding, Valuing, and Teaching Reflection in Counselor Education: A Phenomenological Inquiry.  Reflective Practice: International & Multidisciplinary Perspectives, 13(1), 77-96.
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