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Education Plus Teacher Certificate Testimonials



Candice Woods

I am  in the MA in Education plus Teacher Certification program fulfilling my life-long goal of becoming a Secondary English teacher.  I am originally from Voorhees, NJ and completed my B.A. in English at Temple University. Before pursuing my dream of becoming a teacher, I worked for two years in Philadelphia City Council as a Constituent Services Representative. My valuable experience as a Constituent Services Representative provided me with the opportunity to help struggling Philadelphia citizens deal with their hardships and improve their quality of life. I am a strong believer that education is one of the keys to social mobility, especially for students in low socioeconomic areas.  My education classes at Villanova University have been enriching, enlightening, and positively challenging. Furthermore, my education classes and supportive professors have helped me to develop an effective teaching philosophy that will serve as the solid foundation for my career as educator. Villanova University has prepared me to thrive as a teacher and inspire greatness in my future students. 



Michael Barash

After earning my B.A. in History I needed a program that would allow me to get my teacher certification and master’s degree at the same time without breaking the bank and in as little time as possible; Villanova's Master of Art in Education plus Teacher Certification program allowed me to do all of those things.  The admissions department helped me with every step of the process and the curriculum was presented in a concise and complete sequence, allowing me to feel confident as I prepare to enter my own classroom.  Not only did the experienced and professional staff provide me with a solid education, they were able to provide real world opportunities and connections.  Completing the master’s plus teacher certification program at Villanova has given me the knowledge and training necessary to enter the field better equipped than my competition coming out of other programs.


Laura Stefanik

I started the MA in Education plus Teacher Certification at Villanova University program immediately after finishing a Master of Science degree in Genetics from Penn State University. Less than a month later, I was enrolled in my first education course and began working full-time toward my teaching masters and certification. While at Penn State, I worked in a molecular biology laboratory, and was fortunate enough to be a co-author on a research paper that was accepted to the journal Cell. This experience prepared me for the education training that I have received over this past year at Villanova. My goal in transitioning to Villanova was to take the research training I received at Penn State and apply it to the high school teaching setting. The opportunities I have received at Villanova have allowed me to do just that. I have had coursework in the philosophy, history, psychology, and methods of education that have helped to shape my education values and confidence in becoming a  science teacher.

I am currently working as a 10th grade biology student teacher. This training is helping me to gain valuable teaching experience under the careful watch and guidance of my teaching mentor. While at Villanova I also had the fortunate opportunity to work as a graduate assistant, which gave me experience in education research and teaching duties. This year has proven to be beyond valuable in helping me to reach my goal of becoming a future high school science educator, and I am grateful for the opportunities I have had here! 


Lauren Arvanites

I'm a former  student in the MA in Education plus Teacher Certification program.  I began the  program ten days after graduating from Gettysburg College with a B.A. in mathematics. I chose Villanova because the program allowed me to earn my secondary teaching certificate in mathematics for grades 7-12 and my master’s degree in 12 months. My graduate courses have given me a strong background in standards-based instruction, best-practices, and methods for teaching mathematics. Simultaneously, my courses have challenged me to develop and refine my philosophy of teaching and classroom management. 

I was granted a graduate assistantship that afforded me the opportunity, working with faculty members, to research and write about teacher effectiveness and creating culturally relevant reading materials for Swazi children. I also had the opportunity to advise a group of undergraduate students on a mission trip where we worked in an urban garden, tutored community children, and explored issues of environmental justice and sustainability.


Rachel McKee

Prior to attending Villanova University as a graduate student, I received my BA in English at Susquehanna University.  My love of literature drove me to pursue several enriching opportunities, one of which allowed me to read my critical paper at an international literature conference in Greece.  When I neared the end of my four years, I had a new goal in mind: to share my love of literature with students.  I sought out Villanova’s Masters in Education program because of its superior reputation and esteemed faculty.   While at Villanova, I have had the privilege of doing practicum experience in several professional settings, as well as working with real teachers in my classes.  In addition to my efforts in the classroom, I also worked as a marketing assistant at a Philadelphia publishing company throughout my time at Villanova.  Although I am only in my third semester, I already feel a strong connection to life at Villanova, and I am proud to represent this university in my professional life to come.