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Why Choose Villanova?

  • Villanova offers courses and electives that can be tailored to meet the individual professional development needs of the students.
  • Villanova offers tuition reductions  for teachers, counselors and administrators. Tuition reduction is 40% for those employed by Catholic schools, and 20% for those employed by non-Catholic schools.
  • Villanova’s beautiful suburban campus is easily accessible by car or public transportation from throughout the region. The restaurants, museums, culture and events of the city of Philadelphia are nearby.
  • Two tracks in the graduate teacher education program.
    The first track, designed primarily for the practicing professional in elementary and secondary school teaching, requires thirty graduate credits and leads to a Master of Arts in Education. The second track is for those seeking a Master of Arts in Education and initial teaching certification.
  • Program options in Counseling lead to a Master of Science degree in Counseling, with concentrations in School Counseling or Clinical Mental Health Counseling.
  • Post-graduate programs in both Education and Counseling support the ongoing professional career development of those working in their fields.


  • Villanova University aims to provide its students with aliberal education – an education laying emphasis upon the training of the critical faculty; cultivation of a wide breadth of learning; development of the student’s wholeness as an individual possessed of both body and soul.


What Our Students Are Saying....

  • "The program is very challenging and I learned more in the last three years about education than I have ever dreamed. I know that I will be able to apply most of what I have learned in this program when I am fortunate enough to get a job as an administrator."
  • "They provide a program that is intellectually stimulating, and the Villanova name has a good reputation with employers."
  • "Villanova has an excellent reputation, and looks good on a resume. The faculty in the Education Department are passionate about the subjects that they teach and make learning interesting."
  • Additional comments are found in our testimonials pages for counseling and education.