Master's Plus Teacher Certification Requirements

Applying to the Master's Plus Teacher Certification Program:


Successful applicants to the Master's Plus Teacher Certification Program must:

  • Have graduated from an accredited college or university with a baccalaureate degree in a teaching area (English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Science, etc.). Please note that additional courses may be required even if the applicant has an undergraduate degree in the teaching area. Prospective applicants should compare their coursework with the Subject Area course requirements on our website.
  • Have received a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Praxis II scores may be required for some applicants.

How to Apply

  1. Contact Program Director, Teresa G. Wojcik, Ph.D., by email or 610-519-8103 to discuss your interest in doing graduate work. Please note this program offers a summer start only.
  2. Applicants for the Degree Program should submit the following materials:
    • Application for admission online.
    • Application fee: $50 payable by credit card online. The fee is waived for students with a Villanova degree.
    • Transcripts: Step 1 - You may upload unofficial copies of your transcripts in the online application in order to receive an admission decision. However, those who are offered admission must complete the following process in order to enroll. Step 2 - Official transcripts of all previous college work undergraduate (and graduate where applicable), must be sent directly from your registrar's office to the Office of Graduate Studies at Villanova. (Applicants in their last year of undergraduate study who have not completed their bachelor’s degree should provide a transcript of all courses completed at the time of application, and submit an official transcript when the undergraduate degree is completed.)
    • Three Letters of Recommendation: please use the form found on the online application.
    • Statement of Goals

Send all application materials to:

Office of Graduate Studies
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Villanova University
800 Lancaster Avenue
Villanova, PA 19085