Master of Arts in Education


Our programs are designed to aid the teacher in:

  • completing course requirements for
    permanent certification - in most states
  • applying research to improve teaching practice
  • pursuing special interests in education

Program Details

A minimum of 30 graduate credits is required for both the Master of Arts in Education degree and the Master's of Arts in Education with a concentration in Teacher Leadership.

For the more general Master of Arts in Education degree, a student may choose to take all 30 credits in Education or combine credits in Education with 9 graduate credits in a subject area or teaching field.  Students must complete three one-credit workshops from a list approved for Graduate Education.

Upon receiving approval of the Department of Education and Counseling, a MA student may also undertake the writing of a thesis in lieu of six semester-hour course credits.

Prior to being awarded the degree, MA students must present a digital exit portfolio or defend a thesis.

Master of Arts in Education with Teacher Leadership Concentration

The Teacher Leadership Concentration is designed for experienced educators who are interested in assuming greater responsibility for improving student engagement and learning in their school or in their community, while continuing to serve as classroom teachers. This program helps students to hone their instructional practice, strengthen their leadership skills, and develop their facility with data analysis and policy advocacy. Graduates are prepared for positions as lead teacher, professional learning community facilitator, department chairperson, curriculum specialist, mentor, and data coach. This degree requires the completion of 30 credits and an exit portfolio.

Special Tuition Reduction for Teachers and School Administrators: 

40% for those employed as teachers, counselors or administrators by Catholic schools;
20% for those employed as teachers, counselors or administrators by non-Catholic schools.