Courses Offered

Students will take the core program, including electives relating to the chosen area of concentration; the comprehensive examination, which is an integral part of the program; and demonstrate proficiency in counseling skills during a one semester Practicum and a two-semester Internship.

A total of sixty (60) credits is required for the Clinical Mental Health track, and fifty-four (54) credits is required for the School Counseling track. A description of each course can be found in the Graduate Studies Course Catalog.

Students may take up to six years to complete the program; a student's program begins at the time the first course, transfer or otherwise, is taken. The program accepts new students only for Fall semester. A thesis is not required, but may be done in lieu of six credits of elective study.

Courses are arranged in a three-level sequence. Students are strongly urged to complete Level I and Level II course work before beginning their Internship.

Important Notes:
* In planning a course of study, it is important for students to be aware that several courses may be offered only once a year.
* Only a limited number of courses are offered during summer sessions.
* Courses offered as requirements in one area of specialization may be taken as electives by students in other areas of specialization.
* CHR 8655 - Lab in Group Dynamics ; CHR 8605 - Lab in Counseling Skills ; CHR 8687 - Counseling Theory & Prac are prerequisites for several courses.
* CHR 8605 - Lab in Counseling Skills is a prerequisite for CHR 8840 - Community Res & Crisis Intervn
* CHR 8655 - Lab in Group Dynamics is a prerequisite for CHR 8686 - Group Couns Theo & Pract
* CHR 8686 - Group Couns Theo & Pract is a prerequisite for CHR 8695 - Co-facilitating Groups
* CHR 8883 - Ethics & Professional Orientation in Counseling is required for all students and must be completed before or during practicum.

Comprehensive Examination Information

Sequential Course Planning Charts

* PLANNING GUIDE OF STUDY 2016 cohort.pdf
Sequential Planning Chart
* School Counseling Planning Chart .pdf
Sequential Planning Chart
* Clinical Mental Health Planning Chart.pdf
Sequential Planning Chart