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Forms, Policies & Clearance Information

Below you will find links to many of the applications and documents used in our departments.  Most are also located in the individual program Student Manuals and in 302 St. Augustine Center.

* Student Teaching Checklist for EDU Majors.doc
Student Teaching Checklist for EDU Majors
* Student Teaching Application updated 2016.doc
Student Teaching Application
* Student Teaching Handbook 2018-2019 (1).pdf
Undergraduate Education Handbook 2017

To receive Act 48 credits please complete the Act 48 Reporting Form below and send it to the Registar's Office to be processed. Please note, credits will only be sent to PDE once grades have been posted.

For more information on Act 48 reporting please visit the Registar's Website

Updated Clearance Procedures

Spring 2019

Because of new state regulations, students are now responsible for keeping and forwarding their clearances to the school districts or counseling sites that request them.  Once you have gotten all of your clearances, please follow the directions below to scan and save them. Please begin applying for and getting your clearances now!

Below are the links to the clearances you will need to enter the schools/sites.


·         Act 34 PA State Police Background check:

·         Act 151 Child Abuse Clearance:

·         Act 114 FBI fingerprinting:  Use service code: 1KG6XN

·         Arrest/Conviction Report:

·         TB Test can be done through your family doctor or at a Minute Clinic.

If you are an EDU major or a School Counselor, you must use the Service Code 1KG6XN to have your Fingerprint Clearance sent to the Department of Education.  Failure to do so will result in you having to redo your Fingerprint Clearance.

Once you get all of your clearances back, please scan and save them because you will need to provide them each time you have a new placement site.  Always keep the original copies of all of your clearances—never give the originals to a school. Some sites will want to see the originals and will make copies for themselves; if you do not have them, they will require you redo them before confirming your placement.