State Curriculum Review

The Pennsylvania Department of Education regularly reviews the educational certification programs offered by colleges and universities in the Commonwealth to ensure that they conform to general state standards and specific program guidelines. Part of this process involves the college or university conducting a self-study of its programs leading to certification. The current study that has been conducted by Villanova University's Education & Counseling Department takes the form of a written report, in part, which is organized according to certification program.

The Written Report

This report is reviewed by members of a visiting committee appointed by the state. In addition to reviewing each of the written reports, the visiting committee also reviews student work or "artifacts" and interviews students, members of the teaching faculty, the administration, and K-12 school personnel who work with the University to provide field experiences and student teaching opportunities for qualified Education candidates. 

The written reports, which are included on the Areas of Certification page, consist of narrative material that explains how the course work and the field experiences offered by Villanova meet the state approved standards and guidelines. They are organized according to the format of content and skills provided by the state. In addition, in each case there is a matrix that summarizes the connections between the course work and the particular content and skills, along with an "Assessment" column that identifies the types of assessments used to measure student achievement.

Villanova offers certification programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Students must obtain an overall 3.0 GPA in order to qualify for admissions into a program and, eventually, to be recommended to the state for initial certification.


The following certification programs are offered at both the undergraduate and graduate (Master's plus Certification) levels:

Biology (7-12)

Chemistry (7-12)

Citizenship (7-12)

Communication (7-12)

English (7-12)

French (K-12)

General Science (7-12)

German (K-12)

Italian (K-12)

Latin (K-12)

Mathematics (7-12)

Physics (7-12)

Social Studies (7-12)

Spanish (K-12)

The following certification programs are offered at the graduate level only:

Elementary School Counselor (K-6)

Secondary School Counselor (7-12)