Professional Development Workshops

Villanova University offers one-credit workshops which allow you to earn Act 48 credits or work towards an MA in Education or Certificate in Teacher Leadership.

Special Tuition Discounts for current Teachers & School Administrators:
40% for employees of Catholic schools;
20% for employees of non-Catholic schools
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EDU 7553 College Student Demographics

January 25 - 26

EDU 7285 Inclusive Classroom

February 8 - 9

EDU 7153 Challenges of Urban Education

March 15 - 16

EDU 7311 Diversity in Public Education

March 22 - 23

EDU 7284   Differentiated Instruction

March 29 - 30

EDU 7240 Soliciting Student Voices

May 31 – June 1

EDU 7350 Title IX & Its Evolution

June 14 - 15

EDU 7420 Program Evaluation & Education

June 21 - 22

EDU 7133 Classroom management

June 28 - 29

All workshops are Friday evenings from 6 to 9 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

If you are a new to Villanova and are not currently enrolled in one of our education programs, or have never taken a workshop before please Please contact Abigail Rutledge in our office for registration information.

If you are currently enrolled in one of our education programs or you have taken a workshop before you are considered a past student you can register for the workshops through My Nova.

Students who are enrolled in other degree programs at Villanova and are interested in taking a workshop, please contact Abigail Rutledge for registration information.  

Act 48 Credit Reporting

To receive Act 48 credits please complete the Act 48 Reporting Form below and send it to the Registar's Office to be processed.  Please note, credits will only be sent to PDE once grades have been posted.

For more information on Act 48 reporting please visit the Registar's Website

Digital Literacies - EDU 7124

Examines how digital technology is changing literacy and learning for K-12 students. Participants will study the ways in which digital tools shape and are shaped by sociocultural processes of learning and development.

Flipping the Classroom - EDU 7125

This course prepares educators to create active learning experiences for students by flipping their classrooms. Educators will learn to utilize various technological tools, to interpret the data these tools yield, and to make the most of classroom time. 

Teaching for Engagement - EDU 7126

This course will examine theory and research on student engagement, including its constituents, antecedents, and effects. Participants will learn to use this literature and design-thinking to create learning environments and experiences that promote active student engagement in learning.  

Classroom Management - EDU 7133

Investigation of successful strategies for positive approaches to classroom management as well as examination of school & school district policies.  

Parents & Community Partnerships - EDU 7142

This course prepares teachers to build effective relationships with families and surrounding school communities. Participants will examine research and best practices on school-family partnerships, conferencing, communication, and the community schools model.

Challenges in Urban Education - EDU 7153

This workshop will provide confirmation of the challenges teachers face, as well as a new set of instructional and affective strategies for meeting the needs of many urban students.

Instructional Design - EDU 7222

Workshop addresses latest trends in instructional designed-based research and teaching. Combining learning theory with evidenced-based best practices, participants will learn to develop lessons and learning environments to optimize student engagement, skill development, understanding and retention.

School Finance & Budgeting - EDU 7223

Workshop focuses on budgeting & finance fundamentals for PA school districts. Participants will learn about policies, laws, and accounting standards. School district funding trends along with the Governor's budget recommendations will also be analyzed. Budget development concludes workshop.  

Soliciting Student Voices - EDU 7240

The workshop will address the definition of student voices; the pedagogical and philosophical warrants for it; the benefits and drawbacks of student voice efforts; and best practices for soliciting and using student voice to improve instruction and strengthen schools. 

Conducting Action Research - EDU 7275

This course will provide practicing teachers and administrators with the tools and guidance to carry out an action research project from statement of the problem to dissemination of the results.

Differentiated Instruction - EDU 7284

Overview of research that supports differentiated instruction and explores needs of struggling and advanced learners. Develop lesson plans that recognize academic standards and provide strategies and activities that honor individual learning styles.

Inclusive Classroom - EDU 7285

To equip teachers with the skills needed in accommodating students with disabilities in an inclusive setting. Review of current regulations and ways of meeting educational needs of all students.

Multi-Tiered System of Supports - EDU 7295

Multi-Tier System of Supports (MTSS) is the practice of providing high quality instruction and interventions matched to students with special needs. MTSS procedures, various applications, and standard implementations will be explored in school and classroom settings.

Program Evaluation & Education - EDU 7420

Workshop examines the systematic method for collecting, analyzing, and using information to answer questions about projects, policies and programs, particularly about their effectiveness, efficiency, merit, and worth. Examples from educational program evaluations will be explored, discussed, and evaluated.

Children's Literature - EDU 7525

Intergrating iPads - EDU 7542

Educating Middle School Students - EDU 7544

Understanding and meeting the needs of middle school students.  This workshop looks at researched-based strategies and structures that promote effective learning environments. 

Leadership Topics in Higher Education - EDU 7551

Evolution of presidential leadership in America universities and the professional conduct of university/college teachers and administrators. Exploration of how the moral tone set for the academic community by the faculty and administration frames choices, policies, and actions. 

Classroom Management & Teacher Wksp - EDU 7564

Motivating of adolescent behavior, strategies for handling unacceptable behavior and creating positive classroom environments for effective communication, and protocols for effective communication with parents and administrators. 

Dealing with Difficult Student - EDU 7935

Techniques for dealing with difficult students, exploring the root causes of disrupting behavior and emphasizing a step-by-step approach for dealing with such students through communication approaches and intervention techniques. 

*All courses are 1 credit which is equal to 30 Act 48

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