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Department of Education & Counseling


Thank you for visiting Villanova University’s Department of Education & Counseling.  We offer programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels as well as professional development courses.  Our programs combine theory with practical experience to prepare teachers, counselors and administrators in school and community settings to help improve the quality of the lives of others. 

The Department of Education and Counseling is a member of the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education (AACTE); our membership provides a plethora of information on college teaching, educational policy, and educational research, all important resources for our students and faculty.

In addition, The Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Education Programs (CACREP), has granted accreditation to both the School Counseling and Clinical Mental Health programs in Villanova's Department of Education and Counseling.

We encourage you to view our current departmental news and events, learn more about our programs, and meet our faculty. Also, for more information, please view the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Graduate Studies web sites.  

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Villanova’s goal is to not only meet the state requirements, but to graduate fully confident, inspired educators and counselors who will lead professional lives exemplifying the intellectual and moral ideals embodied in the University’s mission.

Villanova’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, of which this department is a part, strongly adheres to the principles of the University Mission Statement which commits Villanova to “developing and sustaining an academic environment in which the potentialities of its members may be realized.”

Our objective is to create a learning environment which consistently supports your efforts to fully develop your potential.

The Department of Education and Counseling is dedicated to achieving the goals and objectives of the University.  As a community of learners, the Department advances the University's commitment to the Catholic Augustinian tradition and recognizes that all members of the departmental community -- students, faculty and staff -- are unique and valued individuals who are committed to the advancement and dissemination of knowledge.

The Department extends this respect to all members of the greater University community and, indeed, through its service to schools and other organizations, to all people.

The Department is specifically charged with preparing teachers, counselors and human service providers to be ethical leaders in their professions. Through its certification and licensure programs, the Department combines theory and research with practical experience in school and community settings to help improve the quality of the lives of others.

In fulfilling this charge, the Department is aware of its obligation to collaborate with the greater community that it serves.  A sensitivity to persons as unique individuals and as members of a variety of communities, a commitment to effect multicultural and social justice, a passion for intellectual curiosity, and a dedication to service are the expected characteristics of each Department graduate. The Department values diversity and embraces approaches that support the worth, dignity, potential, and unique intersectional identities of individuals within their historical, cultural, economic, political, and psychosocial contexts. These personal qualities are inextricably connected to our graduates' professional identity and development.



Villanova University's Secondary Teacher Education program is approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) to prepare candidates for the 7-12 Instructional Level I Certification required to teach in Pennsylvania's public schools. 

Students may choose from one of the following content areas;

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, General Science, Mathematics, English, Social Studies, French, Latin, Spanish.

Students also have the option to double major in secondary education and their content area.  Speak to you advisor for more information.

The Bachelor of Arts / Master of Arts (BA/MA) program in Education is designed for Education majors wishing to extend their learning in Education by beginning their graduate coursework in their senior year and, thereby, earning a Master’s degree following their fifth year of instruction.

Earning a Master's degree, or a post-master's or certificate from Villanova is an enriching experience, whether you plan to use your degree as a stepping stone to further graduate or professional study, a launching pad to a career or as a way to enhance your existing career with new skill sets.  Our challenging programs offer opportunities for study and research.

We offer the followiing master's programs:

Students have the option to earn a minor in education or counseling. For more information, see the links below to visit the minor information pages.

Education Minor Information

Counseling Minor Information


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Looking for professional development workshops?  

Do you need Act 48 credits?

Check out Villanova's Professional Development offerings.  Earn 1 graduate credit which is equal to 30 Act 48 hours.


Special Tuition Discounts for current Teachers & School Administrators:



  • 40% for employees of Catholic schools;
  • 20% for employees of non-Catholic schools
    For tuition rates and fees, please see the Bursar's website.


Department of Education and Counseling
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