Service Learning

Service Learning & Volunteering opportunities

Service Learning

The Cultural Studies Program offers our students unique service learning opportunities with compelling experiences, among them:

  • tutoring students in Philadelphia schools 
  • working in community health clinics

Service Learning courses are three-credit courses which connect course objectives with opportunities to meet the needs of people in underserved communities or work with agencies which advocate for the poor and or care for the environment. Integration of theoretical knowledge and experiential learning in the community provides a context for critical and constructive thinking and action that promotes the common good. 

According to the National Service-Learning Clearinghouse, service-learning is defined as "a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities."

To find service learning courses, check out:

·         Course Listing via the Office of Service Learning

·         Master Schedule (choose Service Learning as the subject)

·         To learn more about Service Learning, see the homepage of the Office of Service Learning

·         Or go to the Office of Service Learning on the 3rd floor of SAC (610.519.4602)
Director: Noreen Cameron
 (SAC 386)
Administrative Assistant: Mary Aiello (SAC 385)


Villanova University also offers a myriad of volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer Opportunities (provided by Campus Ministry): List 1 and List 2

Service Break Experiences (provided by Campus Ministry)

Post Graduate Opportunities (provided by Campus Ministry)

Welcome from the Director

Dr. Karyn Hollis

"[This new program] will give our students an edge to compete in an increasingly tight market for graduate programs and other forms of intellectual engagement or employment."

Karyn Hollis, Ph.D
Director - Cultural Studies Program


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What is Cultural Studies

Stuart Hall

“What [do] cultural changes amount to? [Are] there new emergent cultural forces and tendencies? Above all, how [are] these historical processes to be qualitatively undestood and assessed?

Cultural Studies [is] a set of disciplines addressing relevant issues about contemporary society.”

Stuart Hall, cultural theorist, 
founding figure of British Cultural Studies.