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Villanova Undergraduate Research Fellows (VURF) Program

The Villanova Undergraduate Research Fellows (VURF) Program of the Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships is designed to provide financial support for student research. Research projects may be conducted during the fall or spring semesters, or over the summer. Students funded by the program will receive a stipend of $1,000 for fall or spring projects, and $3,500 for summer projects. VURF will also provide funding - up to $2,000 for summer research and $1,500 for fall or spring research - for equipment, supplies, travel and other expenses related to conducting research. Travel funds for undergraduate or professional research conferences (up to $500 for conferences in the U.S. and up to $1000 for international conferences) are also available. 

The VURF program was established on the premise that active, independent research experience helps student scholars develop important skills in proposal writing, obtaining research funding, carrying out a project and reporting the results.  Find out upcoming application deadlines for the VURF program.

Eligibility Guidelines (VURF program)

1. Students must be enrolled as full-time undergraduates during the period of their funded activities.

2. Research projects directly associated with academic course credit are not eligible for funding; however, projects may occasion additional for-credit research, or be occasioned by previous coursework, such as with senior thesis research projects. However, all funded projects must be documented as substantive developments beyond original work. Students conducting senior-thesis research are eligible for a stipend during the summer prior to their senior year as long as they are not receiving academic credit that summer. Students conducting senior thesis research for credit during the academic year 12-13 are not eligible for stipends during the fall or spring.

3. Collaboration between faculty and student researchers is encouraged, but student authorship within the project must be the core element; projects for which students are serving primarily as research assistants for faculty projects will not be funded.

4. All project proposals must include their intended results--and the venue within which the completed scholarship will be disseminated.

5. All Villanova Undergraduate Research Fellows are expected to participate in the annual Undergraduate Research Poster Day early in the fall semester.

6. In the awarding process, preference will be given to undergraduate research students who have not previously been awarded a VURF summer grant.

For more information on the program, visit the website for Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships

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Director: Jane Morris; (610) 519-5928

Assistant Director: Hanna Lee; (610) 519-8852

Welcome from the Director

Dr. Karyn Hollis

"[This new program] will give our students an edge to compete in an increasingly tight market for graduate programs and other forms of intellectual engagement or employment."

Karyn Hollis, Ph.D
Director - Cultural Studies Program


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What is Cultural Studies

Stuart Hall

“What [do] cultural changes amount to? [Are] there new emergent cultural forces and tendencies? Above all, how [are] these historical processes to be qualitatively undestood and assessed?

Cultural Studies [is] a set of disciplines addressing relevant issues about contemporary society.”

Stuart Hall, cultural theorist, 
founding figure of British Cultural Studies.