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GIS: Cultural Studies Major



Requirements for the GIS: Cultural Studies Major

Six courses with the CST attribute for a minimum of 18 credits, of which the following must be included;

1).     Introduction to Cultural Studies

2).     Three Core Courses, one from each of the following three categories:


  • CST 4100: US and Global Pop Culture
  • PHI 2750: Philosophy of Art
  • PHI 2170-001 Mass Media Ethics
  • PHI 2760: Philosophy of Literature
  • PHI 4140: Philosophy of Contemporary Music
  • PHI 4150: Philosophy and Film


  • PHI 2410: Philosophy of Sex and Love
  • PHI 2420: Philosophy of Women
  • PHI 2430: Eco-Feminism
  • PHI 4900: Feminist Theories


  • PJ/PHI: Gender, Race and Class
  • PHI 3160: History of Islamic Philosophy
  • PHI 2140: Philosophy of Criminal Justice
  • ENG 4646: Race & Ethnicity: Amer Novel

3).  Two courses with the CST attributes in GIS or other departments.  These can also include--

  • courses taken as part of a study abroad program may be counted;
  • one internship course may be counted