Minor in Creative Writing

Any Villanova student can minor in Creative Writing.

Completion of the Minor: Students must take 5 courses in total to complete the minor.  Students are encouraged to take English 2003: Introduction to Creative Writing before enrolling in the advanced level creative writing workshops: English 2005: The Writing of the Short Story, English 2006: The Writing of Poetry, English 2007:The Writing of Screenplaysand English 2009: The Writing of the Novel/NovellaStudents must take at least two different advanced workshop courses following the completion of English 2003 (English 2005, English 2006, and English 2009), which focus on writing and workshopping in a single genre.  Students may enroll in a third advanced workshop course, repeating a previously taken course if they like, or choose from a list of electives offered in various other departments.  (See Courses.)  Lastly, each student is required to take English 4690-H01: The Literary Festival Workshop, preferably in their junior or senior year.  (For English majors, the courses taken to complete a minor in creative writing cannot all be counted towards the English program.)  

In addition to regular course work, students completing a collection of stories or poems or working on a longer work such as a novel can, upon approval from the director, take an independent study course worth 1 credit in which they work, in consultation with the director of the minor or another more suitable and willing faculty member, to complete the collection or novel. 

Beyond coursework, each Minor in Creative Writing candidate must complete a comprehensive portfolio of their creative work. This portfolio will be used as an assessment tool for the minor, but will also provide the student with a record of his or her work. This portfolio can also be used to apply to Master of Fine Arts programs or other relevant graduate or professional positions.  Faculty will work to create a comprehensive checklist of requirements for the portfolio that will help guide the students in its completion. The director of the minor will be available to advise students on the completion of the portfolio.

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Creative Writing Program 
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