The Minor in Creative Writing is a five-course program open to any Villanova undergraduate student.  

The program offers many distinct opportunities for students who wish to develop the kind of writing skills necessary to create publishable quality work. The program also helps students develop the editorial skills that are essential in careers in the publishing world.

Students can also enhance their learning in a variety of established programs such as Villanova on the Set and the Irish Studies Abbey Theatre Exchange Program.

A major component of the Minor in Creative Writing is the annual Villanova University Literary Festival and its sister course the Literary Festival Workshop. The Literary Festival Workshop course, which is required of any student seeking the minor, offers students the experience of reading the work of visiting authors as well as the opportunity to meet those authors in formal and informal settings to discuss their work and the writing process.  

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Contact Information

Creative Writing Program 
St. Augustine Center 402

Alan Drew, MFA
Associate Professor, English