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Course Offering Plan

(pending sufficient enrollment)

  Number     Title     Fall     Spring     Summer  
  CSC1010     Programming for All     Y     Y     Y
  CSC1020     Computing and the Web        
  CSC1035     Databases for many majors       Y     Y  
  CSC1040     Computing w/ images       Y    
  CSC1043     Laptop Instrument        
  CSC1045   3D Modeling & Animation      
  CSC1051     Alg. & Data Str. I     Y     Y    
  CSC1052     Alg. & Data Str. II     Y     Y    
  CSC1300     Discrete Structures     Y     Y     Y  
  CSC1700     Analysis of Algorithms     Y     Y    
  CSC1800     Organization of Prog. Languages     Y      
  CSC1990   Enrichment Seminar in Computing   Y    
  CSC2014     Java Bootcamp     Y     Y    
  CSC2053     Platform Based Computing     Y     Y    
  PHI2180     Computer Ethics       Y    
  CSC2300     Statistics for CS       Y    
  MSE2400     Evolutionary Learning - Robotics      
  CSC2400     Computer Systems I     Y     Y     Y  
  CSC2405     Computer Systems II       Y    
  CSC2500     Survey of Inf. Sci.        
  CSC 2993   Internship in Computing   Y     Y     Y  
  CSC 2993 VAB   Internship in Computing - Rome   Y     Y    
  CSC 3010   Overview of Cybersecurity   Y   Y  
  CSC3070     Emerging Tech Trends     fast frwrd      
  CSC3080     Info Security & Protect       Y    
  CSC3150     Game Development        
  CSC3300     Linear Algebra for Computing       Y    
  CSC3400     Information Retrieval        
  CSC4140     Theory of Information        
  CSC4170     Theory of Computation     Y      
  CSC4181     Compiler Construction       Y    
  CSC4280     Parallel Algorithms & Architectures        
  CSC4300     Computer Graphics        
  CSC4380     Information Visualization        
  CSC4450     Digital Forensics     Y      
  CSC4480     Principles of Database systems     Y     Y    
  CSC4490     Data Warehousing & Mining        
  CSC4500     Artificial Intelligence       Y    
  CSC4510     Machine Learning     Y      
  CSC4598     Machine Translation        
  CSC4630     Software Development & Systems       odd yrs    
  CSC4700     Software Engineering       Y    
  CSC4710     IS Project Management        
  CSC4730     Human Computer Interaction        
  CSC4790     Senior Projects     Y      
  CSC4797     Information Systems Capstone       Y    
  CSC4800     Web App Development     Y    
  CSC4810   Mobile App Development     Y  
  CSC4900     Networks        
  CSC5930     Topics in CS     topics vary     topics vary    

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