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Cybersecurity Minor

Apply for a Cybersecurity Minor by completing the online application at MyNova OUS FORMS

Offered jointly through the Department of Computing Sciences and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the Cybersecurity minor will:

  • Provide students with a solid foundation in the principles of cybersecurity.
  • Equip students with the technical skills and knowledge to address constantly evolving cybersecurity threats.
  • Promote independent study and self-reliance so students can keep pace with rapid  technological advancement.
  • Prepare graduates to enter the workforce as cybersecurity professionals.

This minor is open to all students at the university, however it does have a heavy technical element, so participation is anticipated primarily from computer science and computer engineering majors. Requirements are described in the Course Requirements.


Notes about the requirements for Computer Science majors

Required: Foundation Courses (4 required) - As part of the major, CS students already take CSC 1051, CSC 1052, and CSC 1300. Therefore to fulfill this requirement you must also take CSC 3010 Overview of Cybersecurity, which can be used as a CS Elective or a Free Elective.

Component I: Core Courses (choose 3) - CS students must take three of the courses listed under this component. Any of the courses listed can be used as a CS Elective or a Free Elective.

Component II: Elective Courses (choose 1 or 1 additional from Component I) - As part of the major, CS students already take CSC 4480 and CSC 4700 from the listed courses, therefore you fulfill this component "automatically". Nevertheless it is strongly recommended, that as a Cybersecurity Minor, you take a course in Computer Networks (either CSC 4900 or ECE 4470), which can be used as a CS Elective or a Free Elective. In fact, for students entering Villanova in the Fall of 2019 or later (class of 2023 and beyond), a Networks course is required.

Component III: Capstone Project (choose 1) - CS students already take CSC 4790 as part of the major. Note that the specific project must be "in the cybersecurity area and approved by the cybersecurity minor curriulum committee" - see next item.

Course Approvals - As a CS major, to get approval to use topics courses, independent studies, or a senior project toward the Cybersecurity Minor, send the relevant topic/course information to Dr. Joyce as early as possible.

Important Note - At the bottom of the Cybersecurity Minor Course Requirements document (see link above) you will find the statement "The courses selected must include at least 2 courses outside of the student’s major that are not listed as specific requirements for their major". For CS Majors this means you must slot two of the courses used for the Cybersecurity Minor as free electives. In other words, two of CSC 3010, 3080, 4450, 4800, 4900, 5930, 5993, ECE 3445, 3476, 4470, 5478, 5900, or 5991 must be used as free electives and not as CS electives.



Engineering students wishing to enroll in the minor can do so here: Engineering Request to Pursue a Minor. If you have questions, please contact Dr. Richard Perry (

All other students should contact Dr. Daniel Joyce of the Department of Computing Sciences for an appointment ( If you have questions, please contact Dr. Joyce.

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