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CS Major Requirements

Note Well: The current CS requirements for a Computer Science major are provided here. We call them "Class of 2022+ Requirements". Students who were enrolled in the program PRIOR TO the Fall of 2018 can choose to follow a different set of requirements - one that requires one fewer Computer Science elective but slightly more Mathematics/Science.

No matter which set of requirements one follows, a Computer Science major must fulfill the core requirements of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Also please note that the science and mathematics requirements for a CS major are more specific than those defined in the Enchiridion. Please speak with your advisor to know which science and math courses are permitted/required - those rules often change and as just mentioned, vary depending on if you are using the 2022+ requirements or the alternate requirements.

Class of 2022+ Requirements

The degree requirements for a Computer Science (CS) major include 18 courses in computing, plus 1 Philosophy course (Computer Ethics). The following CSC courses are required for a CS major:

  • CSC 1051 Algorithms and Data Structures I (or ECE 1620)
  • CSC 1052 Algorithms and Data Structures II (or ECE 2620)
  • CSC 1300 Discrete Structures
  • CSC 1700 Analysis of Algorithms
  • CSC 1800 Organization of Programming Languages
  • CSC 1990 Enrichment Seminar in Computing
  • CSC 2053 Platform Based Computing
  • CSC 2300 Statistics for Computer Science
  • CSC 2400 Computing Systems I
  • CSC 2405 Computing Systems II
  • CSC 4170 Theory of Computation
  • CSC 4480 Principles of Database Systems
  • CSC 4700 Software Engineering
  • CSC 4790 Senior Projects
  • four CSC elective courses approved for the CS BS degree

A CS major must also take PHI 2180 Computer Ethics.

This sample program Class of 2022+ Requirements shows how a CS major could fulfill all of the degree requirements in a typical four year period.

This sample program Alternate Requirements shows how a CS major could fulfill all of the alternate degree requirements in a typical four year period.


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