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CSC Academic Integrity Policy

This policy is a supplement to the University policy (visit the Academic Integrity Gateway), specifically addressing issues that relate to academic integrity in computing and computing courses. This policy may be modified by the instructor for an individual course. However, unless it is explicitly modified by the instructor, this policy is assumed to be in force.

Computer and Communication Facilities

Students are expected to familiarize themselves with and adhere to the policies of the office for University Information Technologies (UNIT). In particular, student accounts are set up on campus computer systems in order for Villanova students to accomplish university-sanctioned instructional, research or administrative activities. No other use is authorized. Furthermore, no person may use an account or userid other than one specifically created for that person. No attempt may be made to acquire another account's password or to obtain information from another account.

Assignments and Programming Projects

Unless specifically noted by the professor, all assignments are to be accomplished by each student individually. Students may not discuss specific aspects of any assignment, though general discussion of concepts to enhance understanding is encouraged.

Programming projects, in particular, are assigned to give a student practice in the design and implementation of a computer-based problem solution. If any portion of a student's solution uses code or specific design aspects from another source (in print or from the Internet), the student must explicitly indicate such a source. No portion of any student's program or design may be used for another student's solution. A general discussion of a programming language or paradigm, or of the merits of various types of algorithms, is encouraged. However, the details of the implementation of a problem solution must not be discussed prior to submitting the project. It is a clear act of plagiarism to copy a portion of code from a source without attribution, even if modifications are made.

If a project involves an experiment, the data reported must be based on the actual observations made by the student. Any data that results from extrapolation, educated guesswork, or elsewhere must be identified as such.


Research papers involve a literature review and a synthesis of ideas. They also possibly include an expression of new ideas or theories, or the application of ideas to a new venue. Use of previously published material should be limited to referencing concepts or experimental evidence. Any use of the ideas from published material should be cited with a clear bibliographic reference, except when that information clearly falls into the category of "general knowledge." When in doubt, cite the reference. The instructor may ask for copies of your references.

Exams, Tests, and Quizzes

It is certainly inappropriate to attempt to receive help in any way not explicitly approved by the instructor during any type of examination. Such help includes using notes, study aids, information from the Internet or an electronic device, and direct communication with classmates.


Violations of academic integrity will be handled according to the procedures prescribed by the Office of the Provost. Consequences include failing an assignment or the course for an initial violation, and expulsion from the university for a second violation.

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