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Alumni Testimonials


Sravani Divi

I am a Graduate student in Computer Science.  I chose Villanova because of its academic curriculum.

I did my Under Graduate degree back in India. As an immigrant I must say we struggle a lot without our families but most of the people here are nice with positive vibes.

Villanova gave me an opportunity to attend Grace Hopper Conference 2014 along with twenty five Villanova students which helped me to open a gate for my career and in building a professional network. I am one of the student administrators in a research team working on an Ensemble project under Dr. Cassel guidance which is an NSF funded project that aims to establish a distributed digital library for computing education. I am very glad to be a part of this team. My coursework at Villanova helped me to improve myself in executing the theoretical knowledge into practical approach.

It is a great honor to be a WildCat (Nova Student). Once a WildCat always a WildCat!


Ivan Ong

I am  completing my MS in Software Engineering. It has been a long journey and well worth the time and effort. Given a hectic and intense travel/work schedule, the professors  have been accommodating to ensure the core competencies of the curriculum is delivered effectively.

I am currently working with the largest broadband service provider in the nation and had helped developed a nationwide WiFi enabled hotspot architecture. As a gauge for success criteria, multiple patents were filed revolving around algorithm designs and architecture implementation. Some of the core courses learned at Villanova have strengthened the fundamental knowledge in my daily work topics and has enhanced my career.

The experience I have gained from this journey to further my academic studies at Villanova has taught me to continue to persevere in life. The faculty have been truly supportive of this endeavor.


Gopi Krishna Chitluri

Prior to joining Villanova University, I was working as an Software Developer at Oracle Corporation.  I'm from India.Programming has been my passion from my undergrad and I understood the importance of Algorithms and Programming Paradigms during my professional experience, at which time I decided to pursue Masters in Computer Science.

I heard great things about Villanova University's reputation and its Computer Science course structure is exactly in line with my learning goals. At Villanova I was fortunate to be a student of such great professors. Working as a Teaching Assistant for Dr. Anany Levitin has been the best experience in my life. 

I got offered a full time job even before I completed my Masters and part of this credit goes to Villanova University's reputation.

This school has a beautiful campus and would definitely recommend to anyone including my friends and family.  


Scott Kiedeisch

I came to Villanova looking to further my education in the Computer Science field. Villanova University was an obvious choice because of its convenient location and class schedule, allowing me to easily balance my career with my graduate program. 

The diverse course offerings allowed me to focus my education on areas that I found useful and interesting. 

I was very pleased with my experience at Villanova and I am grateful that a school like Villanova exists to provide education to the working professionals and students in the area.

Contact Information

Department of Computing Sciences
Tel: 610.519.7310
Fax: 610.519.7889

Director of Graduate Programs:  Dr. Vijay Gehlot