Graduate Course Offering Plan

Course Course Title   Fall Spring Summer
CSC 8000 Foundations of Algorithms and Data Structures x    
CSC 8200 Health Informatocs & eHealth Systems FF FF FF
CSC 8210 Healthcare Safety, Security Law& Ethics FF FF FF
CSC 8220 Software Engineering and Health Informatics FF FF FF
CSC 8230 Database Systems and Health Informatics FF FF FF
CSC 8301 Design & Analysis of Algorithms x x  
CSC 8310 Linguistics of Programming Languages x x  
CSC 8400 Computer Systems x    
CSC 8470 Computer Graphics   x  
CSC 8490 Database Systems    x x  
CSC 8491 Data Mining and Database Programming   x  
CSC 8510 Theory of Computability x x  
CSC 8520 Artificial Intellegence x    
CSC 8540 Software Engineering    x    
CSC 8541 Requirements Engineering   x  
CSC 8542 Software Design and Evolution x    
CSC 8560 Computer Networks x    
CSC 8580 Network Management and Performance x    
CSC 8600 Object-Orinted Design and Programming     x
CSC 8610 Multimedia Technology   x  
CSC 8700 System Programming in UNIX and C     x
CSC 8990 Graduate Computing Practicum x x x
CSC 8991 Graduate Computing Practicum Contination x x x
CSC 9000 Guided Study x x x
CSC 9010 Special Topics Courses topic vary topic vary topic vary
CSC 9025 Grand Challenges of Computing x x x
CSC 9026 Grand Challenges of Computing Continuation x x x
CSC 9030 Thesis x x x
CSC 9080 Thesis Continaution x x x

Contact Information

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Director of Graduate Programs:  Dr. Vijay Gehlot