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MS in Software Engineering (MSSE)

This program leads to a Master of Science (MS) degree in Software Engineering. It prepares students for either a career in software engineering or for advanced study in the field. In addition to providing the practical knowledge and experience needed to specify, design, develop, and maintain today's software systems, the program includes the theoretical knowledge that informs the practice.

The degree requirements are made up of ten 3-credit courses.

Please review the prerequisites to this program prior to applying. Follow the application guidelines when applying.

Required Courses for the M.S. Degree in Software Engineering:

  • CSC 8000: Foundations of Algorithms and Data Structures
  • CSC 8400: Computer Systems
  • CSC 8490: Database Systems
  • CSC 8540: Software Engineering
  • CSC 8541: Requirements Engineering
  • CSC 8542: Software Design and Evolution

Plus four elective courses approved for the Software Engineering M.S. degree.

Note that the electives include the thesis course (CSC 9030), which is designed to extend the Grand Challenges course work into a full master's thesis. This is an attractive option for students considering further graduate education.

Students may choose to participate in the practicum track that adds a 1-credit course (CSC 8990) to the requirements. This track requires work experience in a related field.

MSSE Program Goals

  • Demonstrate competency in key areas of software engineering.
  • Communicate specialized technical information effectively by written or oral means.
  • Apply computing skills, techniques and tools to solve software problems. 

More Information:

Contact Information

Department of Computing Sciences
Tel: 610.519.7310
Fax: 610.519.7889

Director of Graduate Programs:  Dr. Vijay Gehlot