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Academic Programs

Villanova's graduate programs in Computing Science are integrally involved with the larger Department of Computing Sciences. You can pursue a Master of Science degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering.  Both of these programs are offered on campus and are flexible for full or part-time students.  We also offer a fully online Certificate in Health Informatics, which is a specialized program if you are interested in advancing your career in the field of healthcare IT.

MS in Computer Science (MSCS)

This graduate program provides expertise in applied and basic computing through its course offerings in computer systems, theory, languages, and algorithms. It is designed to prepare students for a career as a computing professional, although some students go on to pursue a Ph.D. degree.  Learn more about the MSCS Program Requirements.

MS in Software Engineering (MSSE)

This degree program provides the practical knowledge and experience needed to specify, design, develop, and maintain today's software systems. The program prepares students for either a career in software engineering or for advanced study in the field. Learn more about the MSSE Program Requirements.

Online Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics

The Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics is a specialized program to prepare students in the management, retrieval, and exchange of electronic health data; the use of electronic medical data systems; knowledge of health IT standards; privacy, safety, interoperability, and security issues in the healthcare industry.  Learn more about the Health IT Certificate Program Requirements.

BS/MS Integrated Programs

While pursuing their undergraduate work at Villanova, qualified students can enroll in the BS/MS Integrated programs, which allow a Computer Science major to earn a Master of Science (MS) degree in either Computer Science or in Software Engineering with only one additional year of study.

BIS/MS Integrated Program

Part time students who are working on a BIS (Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies) in Information Systems can extend their studies to earn a Masters in Software Engineering. Learn more here.

Contact Information

Department of Computing Sciences
Tel: 610.519.7310
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Director of Graduate Programs:  Dr. Vijay Gehlot