Undergraduate Studies


The purpose of the standard course of study for the BSC degree is to provide the student with an introduction to the major branches of science within the context of a comprehensive education in the liberal arts and sciences. Students who complete this course of study will be prepared to compete with other liberal arts and science graduates for a broad range of career opportunities in business, government and science industries. They will also be prepared to continue their studies in science and health fields at the graduate level.

You may with the approval of your advisor, vary the order in which you take courses. You may select whatever electives will help meet your interests and career objectives. In determining the order in which you take the courses you should keep prerequisites and co-requisites in mind. The check sheet which follows the sample program will help in recording your progress.

By choosing electives carefully you can combine the BSC major with a minor or specialization in some other area such as physics, biology, computing science, business, etc. Your advisor can help you design a program to suit your particular interests or concentrations.

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Overview of the Comprehensive Science Program

BSC majors must:

Plan their academic program in accord with the requirements set forth in the Villanova University Bulletin Undergraduate Full-Time Studies.

Satisfy the requirements of the Core Program of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Sample four-year plan for taking the required courses for the BSC major are available for the various concentrations offered through the program.

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