Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Comprehensive Science office located?

The Comprehensive Science office is located in the Physics Office in the Mendel Science Building, Room 347. The general office number is 610.519.4862. (Directions to campus).

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What can I do with a BSC Major?

Please see the document below for what Comprehensive Science Graduate Students are doing now.

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* BSCCareers.docx
BSC Career Information

What kind of salary can I expect with a BSC degree from Villanova?

In 2012 the BSC starting salaries ranged from $32, 000 to $60,000. For more salary infomation, please visit Villanova's Career Center Website.

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Can I get into Medical School with a BSC Degree?

Of course! A great percentage of our majors are interested in health professions. Visit the Health Professions Advising Office for more information.

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What can a BSC Major concentrate in?

BSC Major Concentrations

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Why do Comprehensive Science majors get jobs?


Employers want to hire the smartest students

As a BSC major, you take the most rigorous versions of physics, chemistry, computing, calculus, statistics, biology; in your job interview you list all these and they will declare that you must be smart! 

Employers want to hire the most flexible employees, who can interact effectively with anyone else in the company: 

As a BSC major, you have taken the same physics and chemistry and calculus as the engineers, so you can relate to them.  You know the same basics of programming and data structures as the IT people, so you can interact effectively with them.  You took the same calculus and statistics as the Quants so you can communicate with them.  You can communicate with a diverse team, precisely the skills needed by a project manager. 

Employers want to hire students who have outstanding social skills and a good work ethic:

You are a Villanovan!  You have great social skills and you have helped with numerous charities and community outreaches.  You have learned ethics both in the classroom and through your social activities. 

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