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Please note that not all of the courses listed below will be available during the current semester. Please check with the department as to the availability of a particular class.

BIO 2105 - General Biology I

Description: An introduction to biological organization stressing the molecular and cellular aspects of living organisms. The chemistry of life, the cell, the gene, and mechanisms of evolution.
Credit Hours: 4.0

BIO 2106 - General Biology II

Description: The origin of life and diversity of organisms seen in five biological kingdoms. Topics include nutrient acquisition, digestion, circulation, response to stimuli, movement, reproduction, behavior, and ecology.
Prerequisites: BIO 2105 or HON 1075
Credit Hours: 4.0

CHM 1103 - General Chemistry Lab I

Description: Qualitative and quantitative laboratory experiments which include: the reactions of metals with water; the collection and plotting of data; acid-base titrations; oxidation-reduction titrations; the use of the pH meter and the determination of acid-base titration curves; the use of the spectrophotometer.
Corequisites: CHM 1131 or CHM 1151
Credit Hours: 1.0

CHM 1104 - General Chemistry Lab II

Description: Students will be required to identify all metal ions present in an unknown solution. Quantitative titrations of sodium carbonate and the total hardness of water. Synthesis of inorganic compounds and determination of the formula of a transition metal complex ion using spectroscopic methods.
Corequisites: CHM 1152 or CHM 1156 (Note: Engineering students are waived from this lab.)
Prerequisites: CHM 1103
Credit Hours: 1.0

CHM 1151 - General Chemistry I

Description: Basic concepts of chemistry covering the following topics: properties of bulk matter; stoichiometry; colligative properties of solutions; thermochemistry; redox reactions; equilibrium and kinetics. For science, pre-med and engineering students.
Corequisites: CHM 1103
Credit Hours: 4.0

CHM 1152 - General Chemistry II

Description: Descriptive presentation of atomic orbitals; molecular structure; chemical and physical trends in the periodic table; general descriptive chemistry of the elements; complex ions and factors that drive chemical reactions. For science, pre-med and engineering students.
Prerequisites: CHM 1151
Corequisites: CHM 1104
Credit Hours: 4.0

CHM 2201 - Organic Chemistry Lab I

Description: Practical experience in techniques used for separation, purification, and isolation of synthetic as well as naturally occurring organic compounds. Semi-micro and micro scale experiments. Crystallization, distillation, extraction, and chromatography are introduced.
Corequisites: CHM 2211
Credit Hours: 1.0

CHM 2202 - Organic Chemistry Lab II

Description: Further training in laboratory techniques used in organic chemistry, including those introduced in CHM 2201, and utilization of such techniques in representative types of organic reactions. Semi-micro and micro scale experiments.
Prerequisites: CHM 2211
Corequisites: CHM 2212
Credit Hours: 1.0

CHM 2211 - Organic Chemistry I

Description: Fundamental principles of organic chemistry stressing the relation of structure and reactivity. Structure and bonding; stereochemistry; acids, and bases; electrophilic addition, elimination and nucleophilic substitution.
Prerequisites: (CHM 1151 and CHM 1152) or (CHM 1151 and CHM 1156)
Corequisites: CHM 2201
Credit Hours: 3.0

CHM 2212 - Organic Chemistry II

Description: Continuation of CHM 2211. Carbonyl group reactions, aromatic chemistry, spectroscopy and special topics such as heterocycles, carbohydrates and nucleosides, amino acids and proteins, lipids, radicals, rearrangements, polymers and photochemistry.
Prerequisites: CHM 2211 and CHM 2201
Corequisites: CHM 2202
Credit Hours: 3.0

MAT 1500 - Calculus I

Description: Limits, transcendental functions (logarithms, exponential functions, inverse trigonometric functions), differentiation (definition, tangent lines, rates of change, techniques, implicit differentiation, related rates), applications of differentiation (graphing, optimization), indeterminate forms and L'Hopital's Rule. Use of a computer algebra system, eg. MAPLE.
Credit Hours: 4.0

MAT 1505 - Calculus II

Description: Integration (indefinite, definite), applications of integration (area, volume, applications to physics and economics, etc.), methods of integration, approximate integration (trapezoidal and Simpson's rules), improper integrals, differential equations, infinite sequences and series. Continued use of a computer algebra system.
Prerequisites: MAT 1500
Credit Hours: 4.0

MAT 2500 - Calculus III

Description: Parametric equations; polar, cylindrical, and spherical coordinates; vectors and the geometry of space; vector functions (derivatives, integrals, curvature, etc.); partial derivatives; optimization; multiple integration and its applications; vector calculus (line integrals, vector analysis). Continued use of a computer algebra system.
Prerequisites: MAT 1505
Credit Hours: 4.0

MAT 2705 - Diff Equation with Linear Alg

Description: First order and linear second order differential equations, matrices and linear equation systems, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, and linear systems of differential equations.
Prerequisites: MAT 1505
Credit Hours: 4.0

MAT 4310 - Stat Methods

Description: Data displays and summarization, probability distributions, point and interval estimation, hypothesis testing, categorical data analysis, regression and correlation.
Prerequisites: MAT 1505
Credit Hours: 3.0

CSC 1051 - Algorithms & Data Struc I

Description: Object-oriented design: objects, classes, methods, encapsulation; programming fundamentals: data, variables, selection, loops, arrays, input/output; basic graphics and graphical user interfaces.
Credit Hours: 4.0

PHY 2410 - University Phy:Mechanics

Description: Vectors, kinematics, and dynamics of particles, rigid bodies, and fluids. Recommended for Science majors.
Prerequisites: MAT 1500
Credit Hours: 3.0

PHY 2411 - Lab: Mechanics

Description: Selected experiments demonstrating the fundamental principles of Mechanics and Waves with emphasis on techniques of measurements and data analysis. Recommended for Science majors.
Corequisites: PHY 2410
Credit Hours: 1.0

PHY 2412 - Univ Physics: Elec & Mag

Description: Electrostatics, DC circuits, magnetism, and AC circuits. Recommended for Science majors.
Prerequisites: (PHY 2410 and MAT 1505)
Credit Hours: 3.0

PHY 2413 - Lab: Elec & Magnetism

Description: Recommended for Science majors.
Corequisites: PHY 2412
Credit Hours: 1.0

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