Advice About Advisors

Almost half of your program will consist of elective courses in various categories. Careful thought should be given to selecting these electives so that you will obtain a well-rounded education and meet your career or post-college objectives. By properly choosing electives, the BSC major can prepare for graduate study in any one of the sciences, medical school or health-related areas, a business career in a science related area, scientific computing, biostatistics or one of many other areas which uses science.

As you look over the curriculum, you may wonder how you will ever decide which courses to take and when to take them. Questions such as: What courses will best serve me and my career goals? Which ones am I ready to take?

These are excellent questions to put to your advisor. Upon entering Villanova as a BSC major you will be assigned a faculty advisor. Your advisor can help you plan a course of study that will focus on your needs and interests as well as meeting the various college and degree requirements.

Each semester you will meet with your advisor to plan and pre-register for the next term's courses. Use these opportunities to discuss your academic program and career objectives with him or her or any other member of the Advisory Committee. At any time you may change advisors. If you wish to do so, simply obtain the agreement of the faculty member of your class's advising team and notify the program secretary.

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