Comprehensive Science Program

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A Bachelor's Degree in Comprehensive Science allows students interested in the physical and life sciences to obtain a broad based and thorough exposure to a full spectrum of scientific concerns and practices.

The Comprehensive Science Program offers a quantitative approach to sciences through a broad range of courses in mathematics, physical and life sciences, and computer science. The program equips students with the analytical and quantitative skills needed to understand the scientific world. The programs's flexibility allows students to pursue a variety of interdisciplinary courses of study which create gateways into many professions. 


The Comprehensive Science encourages students to develop an interdisciplinary course of study that transcends normal departmental boundaries. It also urges the science faculty to create courses that are truly interdisciplinary in nature.

Comprehensive Science provides an excellent entry point to the professions of medicine, law, and business. The program also prepares students for continued graduate study in the sciences.


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Dr. Robert Styer
Department of Mathematical Sciences, Villanova University,
Office: SAC 372
Phone: (610) 519 4845

Tori Morgan
Administrative Assistant
Comprehensive Science Program
Mendel Science Building 347
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