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Our Friends and Allies

One of the most important elements of the WFI's mission is the emphasis upon interconnection and community. The efforts sponsored and funded by the WFI are intended to help foster dialogue and cooperation between individuals and organizations across the country, and across the world. As a result, we are proud to list here some of our friends and allies, and we encourage you to visit their websites, and to learn more about their good works!

Patrick Murphy

The WFI is pleased to welcome our new collaboration with Dr. Patrick Murphy, co-conspirator on our new Villanova-Temple lecture series on Communication and social justice, "The Transit Talks"!

Patrick D. Murphy (Ph.D., Ohio University) is Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies and Associate Professor in the Department of Media Studies and Production in the School of Media and Communication (SMC) at Temple University.  He is the former chair of the Department of Media Studies and Production in SMC and former chair of the Department of Mass Communications at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Murphy has served as a visiting professor in the School of Communication and Humanities, Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Querétaro, Mexico. Additionally, he was a Fulbright-Garcia Robles fellow in Mexico, has served as a delegate of the American Documentary Showcase series, administered by the University Film and Video Association and funded in part by the U.S. Department of State, and has taught as a visiting professor for the University or Virginia’s Semester at Sea program.

His teaching and research interests include global media, media and the environment, documentary media, media and social justice, ethnographic method, and Latin American media and cultural theory.  Murphy is author of The Media Commons: Globalization and Environmental Discourses (University of Illinois Press, 2017), a book that explores how global media systems shape a contradictory environmental consciousness by paradoxically promoting the unsustainable consumption ravaging our planet at the same time that it offers more progressive discourses of ecological intervention and redemption.  Murphy is also co-editor of Negotiating Democracy: Media Transformation in Emerging Democracies (SUNY 2007) and Global Media Studies (Routledge, 2003), and his work has appeared in Communication, Culture and Critique; Communication Theory; Popular Communication; Cultural Studies; Global Media and Communication; Journal of International Communication; and Qualitative Inquiry as well as chapters in many edited books.  He has also translated into English articles by some of Latin America’s most prominent communication scholars.

BoulderTalks: WFI Friend and Ally


Founded in 2015, the Department of Communication in the College of Media, Communication, and Information at the University of Colorado-Boulder established BoulderTalks as a center dedicated to fostering communities and knowledge through democratic engagement. We are guided by democratic values (such as inclusion, participation, and reciprocity) as well as reflexivity about how we communicate about cultural crises, conflicts, and challenges through democratic practices (such as debate, dialogue, deliberation, mediation, restorative justice, and performance ethnography). Visit their website.

CMM Institute: WFI Friend and Ally

CMM Institute for Personal and Social Evolution

The CMM Institute for Personal and Social Evolution, founded by Barnett Pearce and Kim Pearce, is a connector and cultivator of all things-CMM. The Institute itself represents a diverse community of individuals and groups who engage with and learn from one another through a variety of online and in-person forums. Individual scholars and practitioners, educators and thought leaders, and institutional advocates comprise the core of the Institute’s supporters, however, the Institute's programs and events are open to everyone. As the institutional home and on-going keeper of CMM’s living history, the Institute identifies people and projects that represent significant, relevant, and applicable ways to institutionalize better patterns of communication. Visit their website.

Center for Intercultural Dialogue: WFI Friend and Ally

Center for Intercultural Dialogue

The mission of the CID is to facilitate connections among Communication scholars studying intercultural dialogue, as well as facilitate intercultural dialogue among Communication scholars throughout the discipline, by encouraging international collaborative research, serving as a source for grants, and serving as a clearinghouse for information. Visit their website.