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Public Relations & Advertising

Introductory Courses (1000 level)

Students must complete the 2 required introductory courses:

  • COM 1000 - Surv of Communication Studies
  • COM 1100 - Public Speaking

Theory Courses (2000 level)

Students must choose one (1) theory class from the following:

  • COM 2300 - Theories of Mass Communication
  • COM 2440 - Theories of Organizational Com

Students must choose any additional (1) theory (2000 level) class

Advanced Topics Courses (3000 level)

Students must complete the following three classes; note that COM 3460 needs to be taken first, followed by COM 3462, and both must be taken prior to the Capstone. COM 3461 may be taken at any time.

  • COM 3460 - Public Relations
  • COM 3461 - Advertising
  • COM 3462 - Public Relations Writing

Students must choose three (3) additional classes from two (2) other areas in the major.

Advanced Research Courses (4000 level)

Students must take one (1) of the following:

  • COM 4001 - Qualitative Research in COM
  • COM 4002 - Quantitative Research in COM

Capstone Course

Students must complete the Capstone Course:

  • COM 5464 - Public Relations Campaigns

Internship Requirement

Students must complete a Public Relations & Advertising Internship for this specialization and join the Public Relations Student Society of America. The Internship must be approved by the area coordinator.


Area Coordinator:
Dr. William Cowen

Associated Full-Time Faculty:
Dr. Jie Xu
Dr. Ashley Pattwell