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Performance Studies

Performance Studies views performance as a fundamental part of the way human beings communicate, both on and off the stage. Performance Studies is one of the oldest areas of study in Communication as it focuses on the creation, structure, style, impact, politics, and poetics of performance. Examining the cultural, aesthetic, and rhetorical underpinnings of texts and bodies in and through performance, performance studies puts the body front and center as a key to unlocking self, identity and the power of communication. Performance both on and off the stage invites dialogue and has the power to propel us into understanding disparate experience.

In this specialization we analyze performance and we do performance. You will study public, cultural, aesthetic, and literary performance; study performance as advocacy and embodiment; and develop individual artistic and critical skills as you create, adapt, perform, and direct your own work. This specialization is perfect if you are interested in acting, directing, literature, or performance art; it is ideal for any career that involves public presentations, persuasion, creativity, and/or advocacy.

Introductory Courses (1000 level)

Students must complete the 2 required introductory courses:

  • COM 1000 - Surv of Communication Studies
  • COM 1100 - Public Speaking

Theory Courses (2000 level)

The following theory course is required for this specialization:

  • COM 2240 - Theories of Perform Studies

Students must choose one (1) additional theory class from the following:

  • COM 2200 - Theories of Rhetoric
  • COM 2280 - Theories of Persuasion
  • COM 2300 - Theories of Mass Communication
  • COM 2340 - Theories of Visual Com & Cultu
  • COM 2400 - Theories of Interpersonal Com
  • COM 2440 - Theories of Organizational Com

Advanced Topics Courses (3000 level)

Students must choose three (3) Performance classes from the following:

  • COM 3240 - Performance for Social Change
  • COM 3241 - Performance of Literature
  • COM 3243 - Performance Art
  • COM 3245 - Voice & Diction
  • COM 3246 - Performance of Greek Lit
  • COM 3290 - Spec Top in Rhetoric & Perf

Students must choose three (3) additional classes from two (2) other areas in the major.

Advanced Research Courses (4000 level)

Students must take one (1) of the following:

  • COM 4001 - Qualitative Research in COM
  • COM 4002 - Quantitative Research in COM

Capstone Course (5000 level)

Students must complete the Capstone Course:

  • COM 5050 - Senior Project


Area Coordinator:  

Dr. Shauna MacDonald

Associated Full-Time Faculty:

Dr. Heidi Rose

Dr. Teresa Nance