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The Communication major gives you the flexibility to choose how you want to package your courses within the Department.

Option 1: Design your own major

You can choose to design your own Communication degree very easily--all you need to do is make sure you fulfill our basic degree requirements! Just like any other COM major, this means that you'll take COM 1000, COM 1100, and COM 5050 along with either COM 4001 or COM 4002. But to focus the degree toward the area(s) that interest you, choose any 2 2000-level courses to fulfill your theory requirement, and any six (6) 3000-level courses, from at least 3 different specializations. Mix and match your 2000- and 3000-level courses to best fit your post-Villanova plans!

Option 2: Specialize your COM major

Many of our students find that they prefer to specialize in one—or more than one—area of the field of Communication. In order to facilitate this process, our Department has created 8 different specializations, which lead to a variety of Communication careers and graduate or advanced study.

When you choose to specialize within the major, you typically do NOT add additional classes beyond the basic major requirements (with the possible exception of internships). Instead, you simply select the specified package of courses that best fits your Communication interests.

Your COM 1000 course, and your academic advisor, will help you select which of these paths of study seems best suited to you! (click on each specialization name to find out more about this area of study!):


Interpersonal Communication (COM 3401-3406, 3490)

Interpersonal Communication - studies role of communication in the formation and negotiation of intimate relationships, families, and friendships. This specialization is great if you're interested in conflict mediation, counseling, intercultural training, or communication consulting!



Journalism (COM 3360-3367)

Journalism - studies creation and framing of news in print, electronic, and broadcast media. This gives you a great background for a career as a sportswriter, newscaster, photojournalist, or e-journalist!


Media Production (COM 3301-3322, 3600)

Media Production - studies design, production, and editing of content for television, film/video, audio, radio, and multimedia contexts. This is a perfect specialization for a career in audio production or sound recording, radio and internet radio broadcasting, television production, video editing and production, and multimedia production!



Media Studies (COM 3340-3356, 3390)

Media Studies - studies mass mediated content (film, television, new media), media technology, media audiences, and mass media as an industry. This is an ideal major if you're interested in entering film school, the film industry, or if you're interested in the study, criticism, and public policy related to the mass media (film, television, internet, etc.)!



Organizational Communication (COM 3440-3448, 3475-3477)

Organizational Communication - studies communication as organizing process, as well as its role in creating identities, relationships, discourses, and cultures within organizations. This is a perfect track for a career in corporate training and development, corporate or international negotiations, human relations/resources, communication management, or organizational consulting.


Performance Studies

Performance Studies (COM 3240-3290)

Performance Studies - studies public, cultural, aesthetic, and literary performance; studies performance as advocacy and embodiment; develops individual artistic and critical skills. This specialization is perfect if you are interested in acting, directing, literature, or performance art; it is ideal for any career that involves public presentations, persuasion, creativity, and/or advocacy.



Public Relations & Advertising (COM 3460-3464)

Public Relations & Advertising - studies image creation and maintenance, media relations, strategic campaign planning and implementation, and crisis communication. This is perfect if you're interested in a career in any area of public relations, marketing, advertising, or integrated communication!



Rhetorical Studies (3201-3208, 3290)

Rhetorical Studies - studies law, advocacy, social justice/human rights. This is an ideal pre-law major, or a strong preparation for a career in advocacy, politics, or human rights work!