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Why Choose Villanova Communications?

The Communication Department at Villanova University offers a program of study leading to a Master of Arts in Communication, as well as five Graduate Certificates. We value a diverse, dynamic learning community.  A few of the reasons you may consider joining our program are

  • Prestige of faculty and a program that provides the foundation for student and alumni success.
  • Flexibility in curriculum and learning environments
  • Funding opportunities through tuition scholarships and graduate assistantships within the Communication Department and across campus.
  • Convenience and a beautiful campus with nearby shops, restaurants, and variety in housing, Villanova is on two train lines and is only 12 miles from Philadelphia.
  • New certificate in Hispanic Studies for Communication Masters students.
  • Small class sizes and opportunities to collaborate with faculty on research projects.
  • Numerous internship opportunities in nearby Philadelphia and surrounding suburban areas.
Graduate Student Council

Graduate Program

Dr. Amy Way
Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies
Villanova University - Garey Hall



Our mission is summarized in the University motto: Veritas, Unitas, Caritas. An Augustinian institution, Villanova University values dynamic and diverse community members committed to learning, scholarship and service, and who can contribute to the University’s ongoing conversation regarding ethics, community, and social justice.