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Flexible Schedule

The Master’s in Communication program integrates online learning environments within its campus curriculum.

In this blended model, most courses will be taught in a combined in-person and online format. This means that for most courses, students will not need to go to campus for every class meeting, creating more flexible options offered by advances in technology while maintaining the high quality in-person interaction valued by our faculty and students

With our new blended model, the Communication Master’s and Certificate programs will provide the best that a flexible learning environment has to offer—virtual and in-person interaction with creative use of time and place to maximize student opportunity both within and outside the classroom.

Blended courses follow two formats.  

Format A—Blended on-campus and virtual seminar: In this model, students register to participate online or on campus. Weekly class meetings are the same as any seminar, except that a set number of students only participate virtually.

Format B—Separate on-campus and virtual sessions: In this model, the class meets on campus three times: for the first class session, one mid-semester class session, and the final class session. All other class sessions are held virtually. (COM 8208, COM 8300, COM 8300, COM 8301, COM 8302, COM 8322)

Important Notices for Online Prospective and Current Students

The following includes important information regarding the University’s authorization status, students’ responsibilities related to relocation and programs leading to professional licensures, and the complaint process for online students.

Read the Notices for Distance Education Programs


Can I complete the certificate or MA completely online?

No. The blended initiative is an adaptation of our existing Master’s degree program, designed to increase flexibility. The required 1-credit COM 8008 Orientation to Graduate Studies meets on campus (the Saturday prior to the beginning of fall and spring semesters) , and every elective course includes some on campus components.

Is there a separate admissions process for the blended program?

No. The blended initiative is an adaptation of our existing Master’s degree program, designed to increase flexibility. The admission process to either the Certificate or MA remains the same.

How does the blended initiative differ from the Master’s or Certificates already offered?
In the current format, all courses meet on campus. In the new model for Fall 2016,students will choose to participate on campus or virtually for the core required courses (COM 8001, COM 8002, COM 8100), and certain electives will be taughtboth on campus and virtually at designated times during the semester. Adapting courses to one of two blended formats will allow students to live and/or work at more of a distance from Villanova’s campus and still pursue a Master’s degree or Certificate program.

Can I live some distance from Villanova and still pursue a Master’s degree or Certificate?

Yes, as long as you are able and willing to meet on campus at the times designated for a particular course.

How far in advance will I know when I am required to be on campus?

Each semester will be planned at least 6 months in advance to give students enough time to plan their work and travel schedules.


Graduate Program

Dr. Thomas Ksiazek
Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies
Villanova University - Garey Hall

Contact           610-519-6434


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