Student and Recent Graduate Views

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Mirna Momcicevic

I am an international student from Serbia, and I have been living in the United States for almost six years, and have studied at two different universities. I have had positive experiences, but Villanova gave me the sense of belonging and equality that I struggled to find before. I have to be honest and say that the graduate school is not easy, especially at Villanova, that has built its name on students’ excellences; however, friendly professors and great experts in their fields make graduate life easy. They are patient and willing to go that extra mile in order for us to succeed. I love that that classes are small because every student enjoys loads of attention, and we all function as one harmonious community. I am confident that the knowledge and experience gained at Villanova will open doors for me in any part of the world and help me become a confident and successful business woman. 

Dan Trucil, Communications Manager, American Geriatrics Society

“Not a dream, but a mighty reality.” That’s how W.E.B. DuBois described higher education, and I can’t think of a more fitting testament to my graduate experience studying Communication at Villanova University.

Among a close-knit community of peers and professors, I was challenged to think broadly, critically, and introspectively about how our discipline shapes everything—from individual identity to the policies and practices that literally form our society. I entered the program with an interest in mass media and entertainment, but I was able to expand my interests (and my skills) by working with faculty versed in health communication, public relations, media effects, journalism, and a number of other specialties at the forefront of Communication today.

Further still, I was challenged by that same community of peers and professors to take my education beyond the classroom. I travelled the country presenting research on diversity in the digital domain—research I helped shape as a graduate assistant with the University’s Waterhouse Family Institute. I served as a student consultant helping organizations in the Philadelphia area tackle serious issues, from diversity to fundraising and development. I interned for one of the world’s largest marketing consultancies, learning how to tackle health communications challenges that are now at the forefront of medicine in the United States.

I earned a full-time job before I even earned my degree—but, more importantly, I earned an education that is as much a privilege as it is a responsibility. Villanova instilled in me a firm belief that we can—and must—communicate fairly, compassionately, and with a keen sense of conviction for those who may still be struggling to find a voice of their own. In that spirit, I now work for a national medical society that champions the needs, health, and care of older adults—some of our country’s most disenfranchised individuals. It’s rewarding work—but it’s also a testament to what I learned (and what I learned to “do”) as a Villanova student. A Villanova education wasn’t just a dream—it was a mighty reality.

Kallie Stahl

Kallie Stahl

A native of Williston, Ohio, I graduated in 2013 from Capital University in Columbus, Ohio, with a bachelor’s degree in communication and public relations. I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in the Department of Communication and anticipate graduating in May 2016. My academic interests include: popular culture, new media, and cultural studies. My professional interests include: marketing, advertising, and public relations. I selected Villanova because of the renowned faculty and diverse curriculum. From my initial meeting with Dr. Heidi Rose, to my current status as a second-year student, Villanova has exceeded my highest expectations. The support I have received is unwavering: faculty going above and beyond to ensure I have every opportunity to succeed. I’ve been blessed to be a part of many amazing opportunities, including: attending the National Communication Association Convention in Chicago, Illinois, volunteering for Special Olympics Pennsylvania, participating in the St. Thomas of Villanova Day of Service, volunteering for the 2014/15 WFI Symposium, studying abroad in Shanghai, China, and serving as secretary for the Communication Graduate Student Council. In addition to learning from an exceptional group of scholars, as a graduate assistant for Falvey Memorial Library, I’m able to help facilitate the execution of numerous outreach activities. I cannot say enough kind words about the faculty, my classmates, my co-workers, and the Villanova community. Encouraging and challenging, the learning environment within this program has allowed me to grow both academically and professionally. I’m excited to see what lies ahead during my final year at Villanova.

Amanda Kelly

Amanda Kelly

My name is Amanda Kelly, and I work at Villanova as the Program Coordinator for the Engineering Entrepreneurship Program.  I have been at Villanova for almost four years, and before that I worked for five years at a small start-up engineering firm owned by Ed Dougherty, who is the Director of Engineering Entrepreneurship at Villanova.  So I have a pretty long history working on projects, concepts, and businesses from the ground up and a firm understanding of the ways innovation and entrepreneurship flourish in a corporate environment.  Before embarking on my professional career, I earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Human Development and Family Studies from Penn State University.  My interest in working with people, as well as my experiences with students and educational activities at Villanova, led me to pursue a graduate degree in Communication.  My plan is to focus on classes within the Organizational Communication & Leadership branch, to help solidify the skills needed to enhance my work at Villanova with the entrepreneurship program expansion, as well as gain a breadth of knowledge in advising students in an academic setting.  I am only one semester into my graduate program at Villanova, but so far the experience has been wonderful.  I have really enjoyed my classes, and the professors and students are extremely helpful and knowledgeable.  I like learning from my peers as well as professors in the classroom, and the small class feel at Villanova makes you feel like part of a family as a student.  I’m looking forward to the upcoming semester, and all that comes with the Villanova graduate program.