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Graduate Programs in Communication



Education in Communication can take many forms, and we provide our students with a host of options. Our graduate certificate and degree programs are designed to seamlessly integrate theory, research and practice in key areas of the Communication discipline. Our hybrid curriculum provides a variety of on-campus and virtual learning formats to maximize flexibility of learning environments, as well as maintain quality of instruction.

We aim to give you one of the best Masters-level educational experiences in the country. In fact, we were recently recognized with the 2015 Outstanding Masters Degree Program award from the National Communication Association. Small classes and dedicated faculty demonstrate our commitment to individualized and extensive interaction with students.  Here is our MA curriculum at-a-glance and our course offerings.

Whatever your career path, our curriculum is designed to develop leaders capable of strategic and ethical thinking, speaking, writing and research on communication issues and problems. Fostering critical competence and analytical rigor in the practice and study of communication, our students and alumni have used their Villanova degree to advance professionally in academic, corporate, and nonprofit careers.  

We encourage you to learn more about what makes our programs distinctive and the value of the Villanova experience. You are invited to visit campus to an Open House and to meet with our Director to discuss your goals. You may also review  the comments of our alumni or the left links for further insights.  Read our mission statement here.

We look forward to helping you build your future in Communication.

Recent News:

  •  Effective Fall 2016 the Master’s in Communication will integrate online learning within our campus curriculum. In this blended model, most courses will be taught in a combined in-person and online format.
  • Our MA Program has been recognized with the 2015 award for Outstanding Masters Degree Program from the National Communication Association.
  • For the most current news, please use our Facebook page and other social media.

Graduate Program

Dr. Amy Way
Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies
Villanova University - Garey Hall



Our mission is summarized in the University motto: Veritas, Unitas, Caritas. An Augustinian institution, Villanova University values dynamic and diverse community members committed to learning, scholarship and service, and who can contribute to the University’s ongoing conversation regarding ethics, community, and social justice.