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Registration & Advising

What should I take? Answer: Required Courses!

First, for those of you in your first year or two here at VU, think about taking as many COM courses as you can fit in your schedule.  

Major In Communication

Please note these changes are effective for the class of 2020 and beyond

In order to declare the COM major, you must:

  1. Have enrolled in OR completed both of the following:  COM 1000 - Surv of Communication Studies and COM 1100 - Public Speaking
  2. Fill out the major declaration form on your MyNova portal by searching “Application to Change/Declare/Drop Major.”

Basic requirements for a Communication major:

36 credit hours, as follows:

  • Two introductory courses:
    COM 1000 - Surv of Communication Studies
    COM 1100 - Public Speaking
  • Two theory-level courses (2000-level).
    Note: These courses serve as prerequisites for our advanced topics courses--so you must take at least one of these PRIOR to taking a 3000-level course!
  • Six advanced topics courses (3000-level), from at least three (3) specializations within the Department.
  • One advanced research course, either
    COM 4001 - Qualitative Research in COM or COM 4002 - Quantitative Research in COM Note: This course will also serve as your A&S sophomore research seminar.
  • One integrative, capstone course: COM 5464 for students specializing in Public Relations, COM 5050 Senior Project for all other majors. The research methods course is a pre-requisite for taking the capstone.

Wondering what courses COM is offering?
Check out the current courses page under Undergraduate Programs for more information.

Which Senior Project section should I take?
As you hopefully know, each section of COM 5050 has a different topic, one chosen by the section's instructor. This topic will be the one that will help guide you in the selection of projects for the semester. Thus we urge you to consider the section topic when signing up for your section of 5050. Please consult the course description guide to see the descriptions of each section's topic.

Want to take a course not regularly offered?
As always, we're rotating in some courses that you might find of interest. Descriptions of these can be found under the current courses page, but keep in mind that these courses all have prerequisites at the 2000 level, as per our curriculum.  All of these are courses that are LESS FREQUENTLY offered… so, if you've got the prerequisites, catch these NOW!

Please contact your advisor if you have any more questions concerning registration. 

Remember, since 2000-level courses are prerequisites for all our 3000-level courses, the sooner you take at least one 2000 level course, the sooner you're into our advanced courses. If you are planning to study abroad, try to take a 2000-level theory class before you go so that you can register for 3000-level classes when you return.

A current Junior? Unsure of what to take? Current juniors should take the required research methods course, either 4001 or 4002. 

If you are a Senior, then be sure to check out the topics for our Senior Project sections, so you can match your interests with the right section of this course.

Contact Information

Dr. Heidi Rose
Performance Studies

Administrative Assistant 
Loretta Chiaverini
Garey Hall, room 28

Administrative Assistant 
Jarryd Kainz
Garey Hall, room 28