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Academic Programs

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The Department of Communication provides a great range of undergraduate and graduate programs that promote independent thinking and much inquiry.

Our undergraduate program offers a major and a minor in Communication. Our graduate program offers an M.A. in Communication, five-course graduate certificates, and a Combined B.A./M.A. program. You may also want to check out our various International Programs.

Learning Goals and Objectives


  • Articulate an understanding of communication as a complex, creative, constitutive, tendentious social practice;
  • Demonstrate the significance of a communication perspective to understanding complex social problems. Such problems include those that arise from cross-cultural engagement and learning in a global context, perhaps experientially, and are influenced by the interconnectedness of political, social, cultural, and environmental systems. This implies that all students will have some cross-cultural engagement, international or domestic, during their time at Villanova and especially, in the COM major.


  • Critically interpret, analyze, and evaluate messages;
  • Design and execute a research plan on a significant communication problem to make knowledge that contributes to better understanding of communication and its significance in people’s lives;
  • Select modes and create messages best suited to address particular audiences, represent particular issues, speak to particular contexts, and solve particular communication problems. This could be through various modes under the broad rubric of storytelling.


  • Identify the aesthetic, technical, and stylistic resources available and make effective, ethically appropriate choices in message creation, and be able to defend their choices;
  • Facilitate purposive, productive, and collaborative interaction among individuals and groups/teams, with consideration and understanding of the identities of self and other.

Contact Information

Dr. Heidi Rose
Performance Studies

Administrative Assistant 
Loretta Chiaverini
Garey Hall, room 28

Administrative Assistant 
Jarryd Kainz
Garey Hall, room 28