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About Us

If you're thinking of applying for Fall 2021, read this letter from the Chair, Dr. Heidi Rose to Prospective Students, and contact her if you would like to talk about the major.

Both individually and socially, communication shapes who we are and how we move through the world. We believe unequivocally that our future depends upon the nature of our communication with one another. Our undergraduate and graduate programs are driven by the implications of this understanding. 

We are the largest major in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences—and one of the largest at Villanova—committed to fostering excellence in all curricular and co-curricular, local and international programs. The National Communication Association has recognized us as one of the country’s top undergraduate and graduate programs. As a Communication major, you will learn in small classes, expand your worldview, and learn how to effect change and make a difference in the world.

Mission Statement

Our mission revolves around two central beliefs:

  • Belief 1: As we communicate, whether publicly, interpersonally, organizationally, or via some mass medium, we tell each other who we are, who we have been, and who we can become. It is in and through communication that we forge our lives.
  • Belief 2: You cannot succeed in any communication-related field without truly understanding Belief 1.

We are committed to grounding students in Communication concepts and practices from the intellectual foundation of the liberal arts. The discipline is grounded in ancient rhetorical traditions and is influenced by contemporary intellectual, artistic and technological developments. Our Department thus does not aim only to “train” students in specific skills. We integrate the theory and practice of Communication, so that courses that teach skills build upon communication principles, concepts, insights, and research techniques. Our mission, then, is to produce well-rounded communicators who are capable of speaking and listening well, thinking critically and ethically, and writing clearly.

The Results Speak for Themselves

Our graduates are in top firms in public relations, advertising, and marketing; our graduates appear on the air in markets across America or work behind the scenes as producers of network news and cable programs; our graduates are onstage and backstage in theaters large and small; our graduates are enrolled in the nation’s top Communication graduate programs and law schools. Whether in corporate careers, serving their communities, or engaged in further academic study, our graduates illustrate that students of Communication are uniquely equipped to make a difference, in their lives and in the lives of others.