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Department of Communication

If you're thinking of applying for Fall 2021, read this letter from the Chair, Dr. Heidi Rose to Prospective Students, and contact her if you would like to talk about the major.


To Our Students:

The recent killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor, the despair and rage communicated in protests all over this country, the reality that more POCs have suffered from COVID-19 than any other Americans in the past few months—all create a renewed call for action against the sheer evil of racism and its consequences, a call that echoes so many others across so many decades that one could feel it will never end. We’re not writing this with answers. We’re writing to acknowledge our role in the systems and structures that have brought us to this point and to re-stake our claim to fight racism in all forms. Cornel West has famously differentiated between optimism and hope, describing optimism as depending on evidence to suggest that if we keep doing what we’re doing, things will get better—and we certainly don’t see much evidence to inspire optimism currently. But West insists on the need for hope, because with hope comes the vision and possibility for change. In that spirit, the Communication Department refuses to lose hope. We may not have answers, but we are here, we are paying attention, and we are listening. We will reach out in the next days and weeks for your ideas on how we can do more as a department now and in the coming year(s). What we will always do is stand together and stand strong.

Sankofa wins gold at the Student Academy Awards

Sankofa wins gold at the Student Academy Awards

Sankofa wins Gold at the Student Academy Awards!

Check out the article here!

Welcome to the Department of Communication at Villanova.

Communication plays a central role in all spheres of human life: contemporary global and local affairs, personal and professional relationships, in-person and mediated spaces. To study communication in the liberal arts tradition is to focus on communication as a complex symbol system present in numerous modes—verbal and nonverbal, oral and written, visual and auditory, embodied and mediated. Here we focus on the understanding and use of symbols to constitute meaning in these multiple communicative contexts.

As a Communication major you will learn to be a well-rounded communicator: you will learn to think ethically, critically and strategically; to speak and write with clarity, passion and eloquence; and to participate in and contribute to genuine dialogue as a good listener.    

The Communication Department is committed to an intellectual and creative atmosphere that enhances awareness of and respect for human dignity and ethical values. These values prepare students for a changing and multicultural world. In the spirit of building collegiality and community, our faculty integrates effective teaching, research and publication, as well as service to the profession, community and university. As a result, students majoring in Communication are offered the opportunity to participate fully in the professional, academic and extracurricular life of the discipline.

Raka Shome, Harron Family Endowed Chair, and Professor,  delivered the prestigious 33rd Annual Aubrey Fisher Lecture at University of Utah, Department of Communication on the topic, "Hindu Nationalism, 'Clean india' Movement, and the Politics of Gender" on October 24, 2019

We welcome new faculty for the 2019-2020 year.

  • Raka Shome, PhD, Harron Family Endowed Chair. Most recently Dr. Shome served as a Senior Visiting Fellow at National University of Singapore. Prior to this she held full-time faculty appointments at the London School of Economics and Political Science (UK), Arizona State University, and the University of Washington. For fall 2019 she will teach Gender & Film and a rhetoric seminar in Culture and Power
  • Ashley Pattwell, PhD, joins the faculty as assistant teaching professor in the area of Public Relations and Advertising. For fall 2019 she will teach Public Relations, Public Relations Writing, and Advertising.
  • Allyson Volinsky, PhD, joins the faculty as a visiting assistant teaching professor. She recently completed her doctoral studies at The University of Pennsylvania and for fall 2019 will teach courses in Theories of Mass Communication, Media and Politics, and Public Speaking.
Matthew Whiting

Shining a Light on Ethiopian Health Care - Social Justice Documentary. An interview with Senior Communication major Matthew Whiting.

Katarina Mayers '11 CLAS

Katarina Mayers ‘11 CLAS shares how work in political communication made her a successful communicator.


Dron Mandhana

The Importance of Research and Positivity. An Interview with Dr. Dron M. Mandhana.

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