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Fall 2018 Colloquium:

Anticipating Space: Integrating the Past and the Future into the “Now”

Dr. Helen Intraub,  University of Delaware

Friday, December 7th, 4:00 pm, Tolentine 215

reception to follow


The world is continuous, but sensory input is not. How do we perceive a coherent, continuous world based on a succession of discrete eye fixations? This question has been challenging for traditional visuo-centric models in which scene representation is primarily a reflection of the sensory input (i.e., a visual representation). An alternative spatio-centric conceptualization will be offered in which new sensory input is organized within a spatial framework that includes prior knowledge (the past) and anticipatory representation of the likely content of upcoming views (the future). I will present behavioral, neuroimaging and neuropsychological research in support of this alternative perspective.  


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