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Core Language Requirement

Students may fulfill their core curriculum language requirement with Latin or Ancient Greek in one of the following ways:

Option A:  Completing two semesters of Latin above the introductory level.  If you are beginning Latin for the first time, you will need to take two semesters of Introductory Latin and then two semesters of Intermediate Latin.  If you have had some Latin in middle/high school, you need to fill out the Latin Placement Questionnaire (click on the link below) by June 1st to be placed into the correct level of Latin.

Villanova Latin/Ancient Greek Placement Questionnaire

Option B:  Completing two semesters of Ancient Greek at any level.  (Please fill out the above Questionnaire if you have had some Ancient Greek.)

Option C:  Scoring a 4 or 5 on the AP Latin examination.

Option D:  Satisfactory performance on an intermediate level Latin proficiency examination or introductory level Ancient Greek proficiency examination given by and at Villanova.  The Latin proficiency exam tests skills similar to those tested on the AP Latin examination, such as the ability to do the following:

  • translate Latin passages (prose and poetry) into English literally
  • explicate the morphology and syntax of specific words and phrases in context
  • identify the context and significance of short excerpts from Latin works
  • identify and analyze characteristic or noteworthy features of the authors' modes of expression, including their use of imagery, figures of speech, sound effects, and metrical effects (in poetry only), as seen in specific passages
  • identify particular motifs or general themes not only suggested by passages but also relevant to other selections
  • analyze structure and demonstrate an awareness of the features used in the construction of a poem, thesis, or an argument
  • scan poetic meters

The Ancient Greek proficiency exam tests skills one would have having completed and mastered the material in an introductory Greek textbook such as Greek:  An Intensive Course by Hansen & Quinn.   

The Latin or Ancient Greek proficiency examination is only given at the August date (during orientation). Please contact Dr. Valentina DeNardis by August 1st to sign up for the Latin or Ancient Greek proficiency examination.

Please contact Dr. Valentina DeNardis with any questions regarding Latin and Ancient Greek courses and placement.

The Benefits of Studying the Classics

Apart from the intrinsic value of studying the classical world, the benefits of pursuing this field are many. To read about these benefits and learn more about the paths the study of the Classics can lead to, please click here.

classical collage

Questions?  Email:

Director of Classical Studies:
Dr. Valentina DeNardis