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Pennsylvania Classical Association

In February 2010, the Classical Studies program hosted the Pennsylvania Classical Society Institute.  Below are details of the event.


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We hope you join us for a program which will explore and celebrate many aspects of performance of the classical past from the classroom to the stage and beyond! The 2011 PCA Institute was held in the Pittsburgh area and its theme was The Rigor and Relevancy of Rome.

NOTE:  the PCA Institute qualifies for ACT 48 credits.  Sign up sheets for this will be available at the Institute and credits will be reported to the PA Dept. of Education.

For questions regarding the conference, please contact PCA President, Dr. Valentina DeNardis ( 


Saturday, February 27, 2010:

8:00-8:30         Breakfast (2045 Bartley Hall)

8:00-2:30         Registration and Book/Project display (2045 Bartley Hall)

8:30-9:30       Session I  (2001 Bartley Hall)

The Classics Alive!  How Marathon Readings Can Delight and Instruct Today’s Students, Gary Meltzer, Villanova University

The Greek Play at Bryn Mawr, Adrienne Kiki Aranita, Bryn Mawr College

9:30-10:30     Session II  (2001 Bartley Hall)

Presenting Mythology and Astronomy in the Latin Classroom, Tina Moller, Upper Dublin School District

Roman Myth and Legend Skits in Latin Class, Donal Spence McGay, Radnor School District

10:30-10:45     Coffee Break  (2045 Bartley Hall)

10:45-11:15     Session III

In Adapting An Oresteia, Louis Jargow, Swarthmore College

11:15-12:30      Session IV  (2001 Bartley Hall)

Directing Euripides’ Medea, Shawn Kairschner, Villanova University

Seneca’s Medea Machinatrix, Carrie Mowbray, University of Pennsylvania

Response, Gary Meltzer, Villanova University

12:30-1:30        Lunch  (2001 Bartley Hall)

PCA General Announcements

Classics in Children’s Literature and Pop Culture, Valentina DeNardis, Villanova University

1:30-2:30         Percy Jackson Mythology Bee  (2001 Bartley Hall)

Schedule Notes:

Swarthmore College's production, An Oresteia, is scheduled for the following dates/times:

  • Fri, February 26, 2010 at 8pm
  • Sat, February 27, 2010 at 8pm
  • Sun, February 28, 2010 at 3pm
  • Frear Ensemble Theatre
  • Lang Performing Arts Center

The Honors Directing Thesis of Louis Jargow ’10, An Oresteia is a pop, punk- rock re-telling of the ancient Greek tragedy: the story of Electra and Orestes’ revenge on their mother, Clytemnestra, for murdering their father, Agamemnon.  The script is a Lynchian mash-up of Ann Carson, Charles Mee, and the Greeks.  Source material for the text includes Anne Carson’s An Oresteia (new translations of Aeschylus’ Agamemnon, Sophocles’ Elektra and Euripides’ Orestes), Charles Mee’s Orestes 2.0, Louise Glück’s Averno, and Slavoj Zizek’s In Defense of Lost Causes, along with text created in rehearsal.


Parking is available in the 'Main Lot' which is the large lot across from campus, south of Route 30/Lancaster Ave.  You can then cross Lancaster at the intersection of Lancaster and Ithan Ave.  All sessions, including meals, will be in Bartley Hall, which is located just north of the north-west corner of the Lancaster and Ithan Ave intersection. The conference sessions will take place  in Bartley Hall. 


Accomodations are available Friday and Saturday night at The Radnor Hotel (please see for location, directions, etc.).  Rooms are $109.00 (+ 6 % state tax and 2 % local tax) for single or double occupancy.  To get this rate you must refer to ‘Villanova University –Pennsylvania Classical Association’ when placing the reservation, which must be done by phone or fax (8 am to 8 pm 610-688-5800, or toll free 800-537-3000, or fax 610-341-3299).


Vergilian Society Study Tours, Summer 2011

Topics include:

  • Roman Gaul
  • Drama, Illusion and Realities:  Roman Life on the Bay of Naples
  • Vergil, Aeneas and Augustus:  A Workshop in Italy for AP Latin Teachers
  • In the Land of the Sibyl:  Greeks & Romans Along the Bay of Naples

For more info, see

Annual Institute, "Performing the Past"

  • February 27, 2010 @ Villanova University