Online M.A. in Classical Studies

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The M.A. in Classical Studies is available fully online.  No attendance on campus is necessary.  The degree requirements for the online M.A. are the same for the campus M.A.   

Here is what a current online student has to say about the program:

“Villanova's Master of Arts in Classics is the distance-learning program I have been waiting for. I am able to learn with inspiring colleagues who challenge me every day, and I am blessed to learn from scholars who are not only excellent in their field, but who also care about my success and education. The curriculum is demanding but accessible, and even though I have yet to step foot on campus, I feel like I am there every time I video conference in for class. The classes are always at night which allows for flexible scheduling so that working students aren't prohibited in anyway. This program is a must for anyone who wants to take his or her Classical knowledge to the next level but cannot do so in person due to geographic constraints.” - Michael Krogh, Current Student