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The Classical Studies Program at Villanova explores the cultures of ancient Greece and Rome, from the beginnings of Greek civilization to the fall of the Roman empire in all their richness, diversity and relevance. Our program is interdisciplinary, embracing the study of classical languages, literature, history, art and archaeology, philosophy and religion.

Our Undergraduate Program consists of a major and minor in Classical Studies in a variety of areas of focus (Latin, Classical Languages, and Classical Civilization). Undergraduates who are not Classical Studies majors may also fulfill their core language requirement with Latin or ancient Greek, and a number of classical civilization courses may satisfy other core requirements (see Undergraduate Program page for more information on these courses).

Our Graduate Program offers an M.A. in Classical Studies (with tracks in Greek/Latin, Latin, or Classical Culture), as well as the opportunity to obtain a combination B.A./M.A. in Classical Studies.  All tracks are available either on campus or online.  Prospective students may apply for the full M.A. degree or apply to take individual courses as a non-matriculated student.


News & Events

Villanova Classics & STEM Showcase

April 20, 2018 at 3:00-4:30 pm in SAC 110


Fall 2017 lecture:

Eric Adler, Associate Professor of Classics, University of Maryland

"From the Studia Humanitatis to the Contemporary Humanities: Curricular Change and the Impoverishment of the Liberal Arts”

November 17th at 2:30 pm in Bartley 1010


Dr. Andrew Scott is offering a new Classical Studies Core History course in fall 2017:  CLA 1250 Enemies of Rome.  This course examines the growth of the Roman Empire throughout the Mediterranean world, with an emphasis on issues of imperialism and cultural identity.  We will read widely from a variety of ancient sources and look at some archaeological remains.  We will also examine the persistence of these themes into the modern age.

Thank you to Classical Association of the Atlantic States for providing funding for Dr. Melanie Subacus to take her "Gender & Sexuality in Ancient Greece & Rome" class to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City for a fascinating guided tour by Prof. Andrew Lear (Oscar Wilde Tours)!


In summer 2018, the Classical Studies Program is offering four online undergraduate courses:  

  • Law & Literature
  • Language of Science & Medicine
  • Ancient Greece & Rome in Film
  • Greek & Roman Slavery

The online M.A. in Classical Studies was launched in the fall 2016 semester.  Contact Dr. DeNardis with any questions.    


Check out Prof. Andrew Scott's book Emperor's and Usurpers: An Historical Commentary on Cassius Dio's Roman History (Oxford University Press).

Catch Prof. Andrew Scott's expert commentary in the new Netflix series, “Roman Empire: Reign of Blood”!

This past academic year, Prof. Andrew Scott delivered a number of talks, including "Cassius Dio, Julia Domna, and the later Severan dynasty” (Classical Humanities Society of South Jersey, Stockton University), "Historiographic method in Cassius Dio's contemporary history: some considerations” (conference: Cassius Dio the Historian: Methods and Approaches, University of Southern Denmark), and "The Narrative Function of Julia Domna in Cassius Dio's Roman History” (Society for Classical Studies annual meeting, Toronto).  He also recently published an article entitled "Leadership, valor, and Spartan death in battle in Xenophon's Hellenica” in the journal Ancient History Bulletin.

Check out the Augustine Confessions mobile app!  Dr. Alissa Vaillancourt was a contributing Latin reader, commentator and translator.

Dr. Valentina DeNardis and Villanova Classics graduate and undergraduate students connected with Classics faculty and students at the ISF Academy in Hong Kong in November 2016 during the Microsoft in Education Global Skypeathon.  All enjoyed sharing their mutual love of antiquity.

Dr. DeNardis and Villanova undergraduate Classics majors Jaison Binns, James Gazak and Katie Heroux spoke about the Roman villa excavation in Vacone, Italy at the Philadelphia Classical Society Fall Professional Day in November 2016.  Dr. DeNardis also presented a talk on "Surfing the Latin Classroom: Digital Inking and Class Collaboration."  

In September 2016, Dr. DeNardis joined Dr. Seth Fishman (Department of Education and Counseling) to present "Faculty Assessment Liasons and the Consultation Model: From Astrophysics to Theology" at the Drexel University Assessment Conference."



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Director of Classical Studies:
Dr. Valentina DeNardis

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Luisa Ruggieri

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The Benefits of Studying the Classics

Apart from the intrinsic value of studying the classical world, the benefits of pursuing this field are many. To read about these benefits and learn more about the paths the study of the Classics can lead to, please click here.