Faculty Publications

Chemistry faculty strive to publish papers in respected journals with undergraduate and graduate student co-authors. Lists of publications have been compiled here by their year of publication. To find lists of publications by individual faculty, please check faculty websites.

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1. Gunther, N.W., , Abdul-Wakeel, A.; Reichenberger, E.R.; Al-Khalifa, S.; Minbiole, K.P.C. Quaternary Ammonium Compounds with Multiple Cationic Moieties (multiQACs) Provide Antimicrobial Activity against Campylobacter jejuniFood Control2018, 94, 187-194.

2. Ding, K.; Byrnes, C.; Bridge, J.; Grannas, A.; Xu, W. Surface-promoted hydrolysis of 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene and 2,4-dinitroanisole on pyrogenic carbonaceous matter. Chemosphere 2018, 197, 603-610.

3. Li, K.; Kankanamge, S. R. G.; Weldeghiorghis, T. K.; Jorn, R.; Kuroda, D. G.; Kumar, R. Predicting Ion Association in Sodium Electrolytes: A Transferrable Model for Investigating Glymes. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2018, 122, 4747-4756.

4. Lovett, D. M.; Thierer, L. M.; Santos, E. E. P.; Hardie, R. L.; Dougherty, W. G.; Piro, N. A.; Kassel, W. S.; Cromer, B. M.; Coughlin, E. B.; Zubris, D. L. Structural analysis of imino- and amino-pyridine ligands for Ni(II):Precatalysts for the polymerization of ethylene. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 2018, 863, 44-53.

5. Raguette, L.; Jorn, R. Ion Solvation and Dynamics at Solid Electrolyte Interphases: A Long Way from Bulk? Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2018, 122, 3219-3232.

6. Tasca, J. A.; Smith, C. R.; Burzynski, E. A.; Sundberg, B. N.; Lagalante, A. F.; Livshultz, T.; Minbiole, K. P. C. HPLC-MS detection of pyrrolizidine alkaloids and their N-oxides in herbarium specimens dating back to the 1850s. Applications in Plant Sciences 2018, 6, e1143.

7. Viere, E. J.; Kuhn, A. E.; Roeder, M. H.; Piro, N. A.; Kassel, W. S.; Dudley, T. J.; Paul, J. J. Spectroelectrochemical studies of a ruthenium complex containing the pH sensitive 4,4 '-dihydroxy-2,2 '-bipyridine ligand. Dalton Transactions 2018, 47, 4149-4161.

8. Watts, K. E.; Lagalante, A. F. Method development for binding media analysis in painting cross-sections by desorption electrospray ionization mass spectrometry. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 2018, 32, 1324-1330.

9. Woodhams, D. C.; LaBumbard, B. C.; Barnhart, K. L.; Becker, M. H.; Bletz, M. C.; Escobar, L. A.; Flechas, S. V.; Forman, M. E.; Iannetta, A. A.; Joyce, M. D.; Rabemananjara, F.; Gratwicke, B.; Vences, M.; Minbiole, K. P. C. Prodigiosin, Violacein, and Volatile Organic Compounds Produced by Widespread Cutaneous Bacteria of Amphibians Can Inhibit Two Batrachochytrium Fungal Pathogens. Microb. Ecol. 2018, 75, 1049-1062.

10. Xu, J.; Grannas, A.; Xiao, C.; Du, Z.; Willoughby, A.; Hatcher, P.; An, Y. High-resolution mass spectrometric characterization of dissolved organic matter from warm and cold periods in the NEEM ice core. Sciences in Cold and Arid Regions 2018, 10, 38-46.