Faculty Publications

Chemistry faculty strive to publish papers in respected journals with undergraduate and graduate student co-authors. Lists of publications have been compiled here by their year of publication. To find lists of publications by individual faculty, please check faculty websites.

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2.  Cundiff, M.D., Hurley, C.M., Wong, J.D., Boscia IV, J.A., Bashyal, A., Rosenberg, J., Reichard, E.L., Nassif, N.D., Brodbelt, J.S., Kraut, D.A.2019.  Ubiquitin receptors are required for substrate-mediated activation of the proteasome’s unfolding ability. Scientific Reports, 9.

1.  Michaels, T.A., Pritchard, O.F., Dell, J.S., Bezpalko, M.W., Kassel, W.S. and Nataro, C., 2019. Catalytic ring-closing reactions of gold compounds containing bis (phosphino) ferrocene ligands. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry889, pp.1-8.

2. Rollins-Smith, L.A., Ruzzini, A.C., Fites, J.S., Reinert, L.K., Hall, E.M., Joosse, B.A., Ravikumar, V.I., Huebner, M.I., Aka, A., Kehs, M.H. Gillard, B.M., Doe, E., Tasca, J. A., Umile, T. P., Clardy, J., Minbiole, K. P. C. 2019. Metabolites involved in immune evasion by Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis include the polyamine spermidine. Infection and immunity87(5), pp.e00035-19.

3. Cox, C., Isaacs, D., Bezpalko, M.A., Kassel, W.S., Kieber-Emmons, M.T. and Dougherty, W.G., 2019. Synthesis and characterization of a hydro tris (3-phenylpyrazolyl) borato nickel (II) semiquinonate adduct. Polyhedron162, pp.165-170.

4. Klug, C.M., Dougherty, W.G., Kassel, W.S. and Wiedner, E.S., 2018. Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Production by a Nickel Complex Containing a Tetradentate Phosphine Ligand. Organometallics38(6), pp.1269-1279.

5. Martinez, K., Stash, J., Benson, K.R., Paul, J.J. and Schmehl, R.H., 2019. Direct Observation of Sequential Electron and Proton Transfer in Excited-State ET/PT Reactions. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C123(5), pp.2728-2735.

6. Lazzara, N.C., Rosano, R.J., Vagadia, P.P., Giovine, M.T., Bezpalko, M.W., Piro, N.A., Kassel, W.S., Boyko, W.J., Zubris, D.L., Schrader, K.K. and Wedge, D.E., 2018. Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of 6-[(1 R)-1-Hydroxyethyl]-2, 4a (R), 6 (S), 8a (R)-tetrahydropyrano-[3, 2-b]-pyran-2-one and Structural Analogues of the Putative Structure of Diplopyrone. The Journal of Organic Chemistry84(2), pp.666-678.

7. Kontos, R.C., Schallenhammer, S.A., Bentley, B.S., Morrison, K.R., Feliciano, J.A., Tasca, J.A., Kaplan, A.R., Bezpalko, M.W., Kassel, W.S., Wuest, W.M. and Minbiole, K.P., 2019. An Investigation into Rigidity–Activity Relationships in BisQAC Amphiphilic Antiseptics. ChemMedChem14(1), pp.83-87.

8. Emberger, M.E., Lin, J., Pika, J., Christ, I. and Eigenbrodt, B., 2019. Automated Solid‐Phase Microextraction GC‐MS/MS Method for Quantification of Volatile Limonene Oxidation Products in Encapsulated Orange Oil. Flavour and fragrance journal34(1), pp.52-62.